The material to use to replace your old wood fence is composite fencing. This fencing material is unlike lumber because it is durable, easy to maintain, beautiful and resistant to weather elements. So, if you have an old wood fence installed around your property, you should change it for composite. This write-up discusses reasons for changing your old timber fencing with composite and explains the benefits of plastic wood fencing. So, what material should I use to replace my old wood fence? Keep on reading to know why garden owners are changing their timber fencing. 

Why Garden Owner Are Replacing their Wood Fence 

Homeowners that have timber fencing installed around their property will know that it is difficult to maintain it. That is one disadvantage of any product or outdoor material made of lumber. Lumber is susceptible to weather elements, which makes it prone to damage when you install it outdoor. And if weather elements are not destroying your fence, insects like termites are there to eat it. Of course, timber fencing was treated with chemicals to make it strong, but as you use the fencing, it will gradually lose its strength.

Another kind of lumber fencing is hardwood fences. This fencing does not need chemicals because it is strong. But if garden owners installed lumber fencing on their property, the hardwood will get damaged like the treated one. Cleaning your timber fencing is another issue that makes garden owners replace it with composite. Aside from cleaning dirt with a water hose, homeowners must sand, stain and seal the body of their timber fence. This is because timber fencing colour will fade rapidly. 

Garden owners must paint the fence to restore the colour. Sealing is necessary for timber fences to prevent moisture from entering the panels. Another reason homeowners are replacing their wood fencing with composite is that it will splinter due to expansion. Also, timber fencing will warp, break and crack as a result of weather elements. These are reasons wood fencing is not good enough to install on your property. 

What to Use to Replace Your Timber Fencing?

Now that your wood fencing is old or damaged and need replacement, you should get the right material to replace it. There are several fencing options available in the market. But if homeowners have to go for the best, composite fencing is the right material. This is because plastic wood fencing has advantages that will appeal to anyone that wants a durable and long-lasting fence. 

Advantages of Composite Fencing 

Composite Fencing Is Easy to Maintain

One reason to replace your wood fence with composite is that it is easy to maintain. This implies that homeowners will spend less cash and time taking care of their plastic wood fencing. Timber fencing is difficult to maintain; every one that have it installed in their home knows that. The only option for easy maintenance when installing a lumber fence is if you don’t maintain it. And that will mean your wood fence will not last long. With less maintenance, wood-plastic fencing will stay clean and last long. Homeowners will not get tired of maintaining their composite fencing. This will greatly increase the wood-plastic fencing lifespan. 

Composite Fencing Has Great Aesthetic Value

What Should I Use to Replace My Old Wood Fence?

What better fencing to install around your property than a composite fence? This is because plastic wood fencing will not only protect your property; it will add beauty and increase its worth. And if you plan to create a theme with your fencing and other materials in your garden, you should install composite fencing. The panels come with plenty of attractive surface textures. And the good side of composite fencing surface texture is, you don’t have to paint your fence every time you maintain it. Remember that timber fencing needs staining or painting every time it is maintained. 

Composite Fencing Is Resistant to Weather

Most fencing materials that get damaged easily are not resistant to weather. Wood fencing is an example of a fence that will not stand weather elements like wind, heat, cold and moisture. A composite fence will resist moisture, heat, cold and wind. Moisture will not infiltrate your wood-plastic fencing panels. Aside from that, the sun’s UV rays will not fade your wood-plastic fencing panels pigment. 


What should I use to replace my old wood fence? The best material homeowners can use to replace their old timber fencing is composite. It is because composite is attractive, durable, and easy to maintain. 

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