When installing composite decking in your garden, you have to consider several things. One thing homeowners should consider before purchasing decking material is the weather. Weather plays a role in the lifespan of a decking. Since weather varies by region, the decking type for each region might vary. If you dwell in the UK, you might want to consider the UK weather before selecting your decking material. This write-up answers the question, what type of decking is best for the UK?

Using Wood Decking in the UK

One decking material that is common in the UK is wood decking. This decking type is readily available in the UK because the material used to make it is natural wood. Natural wood is plentiful and cheap. Wood decking is the traditional decking material, and homeowners have been using it for a long time. To extend the lifespan of timber decking, it treats it with chemicals to make timber stronger. But with time, wood decking will gradually lose its strength or durability and degrade. This is because the elements of weather will easily destroy lumber. The UK weather is wet, and there is plenty of rain. Rain is one element of weather that makes timber less durable.

 The water from the rain will enter into the timber decking boards. When this occurs, the timber decking will absorb the water and swell. Swelling is bad for decking because the board will lose its shape. Also, the board will not fit well into where it is installed. Water or moisture will make timber decking rot. If lumber does not rot, it will dry quickly, leading to shrinking or breaking the board. Another element of weather that can destroy timber is ice and snow. Since ice and snow are common in the UK during winter, leaving them on the surface of timber decking will make it warp because of temperature change. Also, ice can crack a decking surface. 

The UV ray of the sun is another element of nature that affects wood decking. Since the UK has plenty of sunlight during summer, it can make the surface of your decking fade. Also, sunlight can heat the top of your decking and make it uncomfortable to walk on. Aside from that, sunlight can create the temperature of your wood decking surface and cause sagging of the boards. Maintaining wood decking in the UK will be expensive. You will have to remove leaves from the top of your decking. Also, you will remove algae, mould and mildew because the weather of the UK creates the right conditions for algae and mould to grow. 

Using Composite Decking in the UK

Another kind of decking that UK owners are installing is composite decking. This decking type is also known as wood-plastic decking, composite wood decking and plastic wood decking. From the three names we mentioned, you will notice wood in them. It is because composite decking is a synthetic material that is made of wood and plastic. In engineering, wood and plastic are called constituents, while composite decking is called composite as a synthetic material or a composite, wood-plastic decking will last longer. It is because it is more durable and resistant to the elements than timber. 

What Type of Decking Is Best for the UK?

Some homeowners have used their composite wood decking for about 25 years, while some have used it longer. The long lifespan of composite decking is because the elements cannot attack or degrade it. Moisture or water will not infiltrate wood-plastic decking because it has plastic covering or coating. It implies that wood-plastic composite will not swell, rot, break, warp or expand. Also, since composite wood decking has a long-lasting colour, the UV ray of the sun will not fade it. This makes wood-plastic decking one of the best decking materials to use in the UK.

Using Plastic Decking in the UK

Plastic decking is made of only PVC or plastic material. Like composite wood decking, plastic decking will last longer and is perfect for the UK. This is because plastic decking has the durability to resist the elements and stay beautiful in the UK weather. You can use your plastic decking for about years, and you will only need to give it a little maintenance. Like composite decking, plastic decking is aesthetically pleasing and requires less painting.


What type of decking is best for the UK? The type of decking that is right for the UK is composite decking. This decking type is durable, easy to take care of and attractive.

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