There is various type of decking material that you can use when you want to build decking. You can use wood, composite decking, or PVC decking material.

The various decking materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a decking should be done with care. That is why you have to select a decking that will last longer than others.

Also, you have to choose a decking material that is not too expensive. Aside from that, you have to consider maintenance and select a decking that is easy to maintain.

Type of Outdoor Decking

As indicated before, there are different types of decking materials available in the market. There is wood decking, composite decking, and PVC decking.

Wood Decking

Wood decking is made of natural wood. As a product of natural wood, wood decking has to be treated with chemicals to make it strong.

This kind of wood decking is called pressure-treated wood. The chemical makes the pressure-treated wood resistant to insect attack and rot. Pressure-treated wood is made with a softwood like pine and Spruce.

Hardwood decking is another type of wood decking. This decking type is stronger than the pressure-treated wood. Also, it is not made with chemicals like pressure-treated wood. 

Wood decking is used by wood lovers because of the wood finish. Wood lovers find the traditional wood-look appealing. Also, the wood decking is affordable.

Wood decking has its own disadvantages. First, wood decking is not easy to maintain. Maintenance has to be done at least once in a year. The process of wood decking upkeep involves sanding, oiling, staining, or painting. 

Note that if a wood decking is not maintained, the decking will not last long. Aside from that, timber decking will absorb water, swell, and rot when you have used it for a long time.

Also, if exposed to weather elements, timber decking colour will fade, and the boards will splinter.

Composite Decking 

Composite decking is also known as plastic-wood composite. This decking type is a better alternative to wood decking. In fact, it was because of wood decking that composite decking is made.

Plastic-wood composite is stronger and more durable than wood decking. Some can even last 30 years when installed and maintained properly.

Aside from that, plastic-wood composite is easier to install than wood decking. Also, with composite decking, you have the option of using clips and fasteners.

The favourable side of clips and fasteners is that the surface is beautiful.

type of outdoor decking that you can use

You won’t see the screws that you use to install your decking. Also, composite decking is finished in various colours.

So, you can choose grey decking or oak decking. One main advantage of composite decking is that it is easy to maintain. All you should do is sweep the surface with a broom. 

Also, you can power wash your composite decking if it is badly stained by grease or oil. Although you can paint your composite decking, you don’t have to paint it because the colour will last longer.

It will not splinter or break like a wood decking. Although plastic-wood composite is more expensive than wood, it will add value to your home.

PVC Decking Material

PVC decking is purely made of plastic. This decking type is similar to the plastic-wood composite in that it lasts longer than wood decking. Also, it is lightweight like composite decking.

It will not warp, break, or splinter when exposed to heat. So, like composite decking, it can survive harsh weather.

 Unlike composite decking that is available in various colours and textures, PVC cannot be made to look like wood. This is one of the drawbacks of PVC. 

Also, PVC is more expensive than composite decking and wood decking. You can build your decking with PVC if you have lots of cash.

Aluminium Decking

The aluminium decking material is new and not too popular. Although aluminium decking is good, it is very expensive. It won’t warp, break, rot, or swell. Aluminium decking can survive the worst conditions.

It has interlocking that allows the rainwater to run unhindered. This makes aluminium decking useful for second storey decking.


The type of decking that you should use for your project should be one that is budget-friendly. Also, it should be a decking that is durable and requires less maintenance.


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