Having a garden in your backyard will allow you to enjoy your outdoor activities in it. Also, homeowners that love planting flowers and vegetables can do that in their garden. A garden provides a space for you to sit and relax, party with your buddies and enjoy the outdoors with your family. But the presence of pests in your home garden can put an end to all that. That is why fencing a garden is the best solution to keeping pests out. But what type of fencing is best for a garden? There is composite fencing which is a perfect solution for any garden. Aside from that, there is wood, plastic, barbed wire and concrete fencing. 

Selecting the Best Garden Fencing

There are several things homeowners must consider if they want to pick the best type of fencing for their garden. 


When you install a durable fence, it will last longer. That is why garden owners must select a durable fencing material. But there are so many fences, how will you know a durable fencing material? You can ask the fencing supplier to explain the features of the material for you. Also, homeowners can do some research before purchasing the fencing. One tip to finding durable fencing is to ask about its weather resistance. A durable fence like composite fencing will resist the elements of weather better than one that is not durable. The weather elements that can destroy fencing are wind, rain, heat and cold. A durable fencing material will resist wind pressure when you instal it in your garden. Also, durable fencing will not absorb water from rain and swell. Aside from that, when you install a durable fence, it will not shrink, break or warp because of heat or cold. 


The way you maintain your garden fencing matters. Garden owners that install a fence that is easy to maintain will find out that it will last longer. This is because maintenance is crucial to your fencing lifespan. If garden owners maintain their fence properly, they will reduce the chance of it getting damaged. Moisture, dirt, mould and mildew are things that can easily destroy a fence if you don’t maintain it. Most fencing materials are easy to maintain, while others don’t require maintenance at all. Barbed wire fencing doesn’t require maintenance because of its material. But timber fencing requires a lot of maintenance. Composite fencing doesn’t require much maintenance like lumber. To clean a fencing material that is not easy to maintain, you might have to sand, paint, seal and brush the panels. Also, garden owners might have to spend time scrubbing mould and mildew off the fencing surface. 

Aesthetic Value

The aesthetic value of your fence matters if you want an attractive fence in your garden. The best garden fencing material should be attractive if it must add value to your home. There are lots of fencing, but few have a good aesthetic value. With an attractive fence, garden owners can create a theme in their homes. 

Type of Best Garden Fencing

Composite Fencing for Garden

best fencing for garden

This is the top garden fencing on our list because it is attractive and easy to preserve. Another benefit of synthesised fencing is that it is durable and resistant to weather than other fencing materials. So, if garden owners want a fencing material that is durable, attractive, easy to maintain and long-lasting, then composite is the best solution. The average lifespan of wood-plastic composite is 15 years which is a long time to enjoy a fence with little maintenance. That is why most garden owners consider composite as the best garden material.

Plastic Fencing for Garden

Like composite, PVC fences are also durable and easy to maintain. This is another best garden fencing solution that is available for homeowners. To clean PVC fencing, you should only spray the surface. Like composite, PVC will last long after installation. But composite resists the weather better than PVC fencing. Also, composite has more aesthetic value than PVC. But plastic fencing is better than wood fencing. 

Wood Fencing for Garden

Timber fencing is also perfect for gardens. This fencing solution protects from pests. But wood is not easy to maintain, and garden owners must paint it if they want it to look attractive. This is a good option for garden owners that want a cheap fencing solution. 


What type of fencing is best for gardens? Composite fencing is an aesthetically-pleasing garden fencing material that homeowners can use.

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