Composite fencing is a material that contains wood fibre and plastic. Homeowners widely use composite fencing today because it is a better alternative to wood fencing. If you don’t know much about composite fencing, read this write-up further.

What Is Composite Fencing Made Of?

Composite fencing is a structural material that its makers make with wood fibre and plastic. If you are familiar with composite decking, then you will understand composite fencing better. Folks call composite fencing plastic wood fencing because of its plastic and wood composition. The makers of composite fences take the material to a factory, where they mix it and heat it. After that, they will cut the finished fencing panels into shapes. It is this panel that you will use to build your fencing in your yard.

Is Plastic Wood Fence Worth the Extra Cost?

What You Should Know About Composite Fencing

 There is no gain in repeating the fact that a composite fence is more expensive than a wood fence. But is a plastic wood fence worth the extra amount you pay? The answer to the question is another important thing you should know about composite fencing. A plastic wood fence is worth the additional cost. It is because it is more durable than a wooden fence. Also, it is aesthetically more pleasing than wood fencing. It also saves the money you will spend on maintaining wood fencing.

Is Composite Fencing Durable?

The answer to that question is yes. Composite decking is durable, and it will last longer than wood fencing. The durability of composite fencing lies in its strength. It can resist insect attacks. So, you can rest assured that termites, which are insects that attack wood, will not attack composite fencing. Also, composite fencing will not splinter and crack like a wood fence. 

Can I Use Composite Decking for Fencing?

Makers of composite decking don’t design decking boards for fencing. While some might choose to use their decking boards for their fencing, this is not advisable. If you want to do the right thing, you should purchase a suitable material for fencing. Also, using composite decking for fencing will void its warranty.

Is Plastic Wood Fencing Easy to Install?

Another thing you should know about composite fencing is that it is easy to install. Generally, composite materials are easy to work with when installing them. You can cut or shape composite materials with a saw. If you are a worker, you can install your composite fencing yourself. All you need for the installation are simple tools. If you are not a working person, you can hire an installer, and they will install it for you, following best practises.

What Kind of Colours Can I Get?

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You can get composite fencing in a different colour from CompositeWarehouse. There is anthracite grey, grey, dark grey, brown, dark brown, and oak colour composite fencing. All these colours will fit your garden or backyard perfectly. One good thing about composite materials is that you can create a consistent theme with them. You can install composite decking, fencing, and cladding of the same colour in your home. It will further beautify your home.

Will Plastic Wood Fencing Rot?

This is yet another thing to know about composite fencing. Composite fencing will not rot like wood fencing. It is because it will not take in water like wood. And since it does not take in water, it will not swell. Hence, it will not rot. 

Will Composite Fencing Warp?

Composite fencing panels will not warp if you install them properly. Bending in structural materials occurs when you are exposed to weather elements like fluctuating temperatures, rain or snowfall. As for fluctuating temperatures, composite fencing will expand and contract. That is why you should leave space between the fencing panels to allow for expansion. If you don’t follow best practices when installing your composite fencing, the material can warp.

Do I Have to Maintain Composite Fencing?

Yes, you have to maintain your composite fencing for it to last longer. Maintaining composite fencing is simple. All you need is a broom to remove the mud. You can use a power washer if you have one. Just ensure that you don’t bring the nose of the power washer too close to the fencing panels. 

Can I Paint My Composite Fencing?

You can paint your composite fencing panels if you want. Although plastic wood fencing does not require painting, you can use high-quality latex paint to change the colour to any colour you desire. 

Is Composite Fencing Easy to Cut?

Yes, composite fencing is easy to cut when working with it. 


When purchasing composite fencing, make sure you read what you should know about it so that you can make up your mind.

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