If you reside in the UK and you want to install a good decking material, no worries. Many decking suppliers will advertise their products as the best material and for a low price. When you want to get the best decking material in the UK, the price or how cheap the decking is should not be the only thing you should consider. You have to consider the various decking types like composite decking and wood decking. Also, you have to consider their durability for you to find the best decking material.

Decking Suppliers in the UK

We mentioned before that there are several decking suppliers in the UK. Those suppliers will advertise their decking material for a price different from others. For example, wood decking supplier will advertise their decking material as cheaper than composite decking and plastic decking. If you want to get the best outdoor decking material, you should look beyond the price. 

Composite decking suppliers will advertise their decking as durable, strong, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. All these attributes of decking are things you must consider if you want the best outdoor decking material. Let’s consider the various decking available to know which is the best decking material to use in the UK.

Composite Decking

If you are scanning for the best decking material to use in the Uk, you should consider composite decking. You can get plastic wood decking or composite decking from Compositewarehouse. The benefits of composite decking are numerous. 

Where Can I Get the Best Decking In the UK?

Easy Maintenance

One thing about composite decking that makes it different from wood is that you can maintain it effortlessly. Plastic wood decking is unlike most decking material that you must paint or stain if you want it to last longer. Besides that, you don’t have to seal your plastic wood decking because it is resistant to moisture. 

To clean your composite decking, you should use a brush and hot soapy water to scrub the decking’s surface. If you have light dirt on top of your decking, you can use a sweeper to sweep the top of your decking. That is all you should do to maintain your plastic wood decking. That is why homeowners consider composite decking as one of the best decking material in the UK.


Another reason plastic wood decking is the best decking material you can get in the UK is durable. Composite decking is good for the UK weather. This is because it improved the second generation surface that stops excess water from entering the decking board. 

This makes plastic wood decking to resist rot, splintering, breaking, warping, or swelling. If you install your plastic wood decking in the UK outdoors, it will resist a termite attack. Timber eating insects will not destroy your plastic wood decking like they will destroy termite. 

Aesthetic Value

Composite decking is the best decking material you can get in the UK because it has high aesthetic value. This implies that if you install your composite decking outdoor, it will improve your garden’s appearance. With composite plastic decking, you can convert your old garden into a contemporary garden. Aside from that, the colour of plastic wood decking boards will not fade quickly. This makes it possible for your plastic wood decking to look attractive for a long time.

Wood Decking

This is another kind of decking that you can find in the Uk. Wood contains 100% timber and will not last like composite decking.


The durability of timber decking is low when you compare it with plastic wood decking. This implies that if you install your wood decking in the UK weather, moisture will destroy it after you have used it for some time. That is why most homeowners seal their wood decking so that it will last long. Sealing or staining consumes money and waste time. So, if you want a durable decking material that will last longer and requires less cash to maintain, wood is not the best option. 

Aesthetic Value

Wood decking does not have much aesthetic value like plastic wood decking. If you don’t want the old wood look, then you have to paint it. 

Easy Maintenance

The way you maintain wood decking is different from how you maintain plastic wood decking. You must stain or paint your timber decking regularly. Aside from that, you must seal the surface of your timber decking. All this maintenance process requires cash. That is why wood or timber decking is not considered cheap, although the initial price is affordable.


You can get the best decking material in the UK if you purchase composite decking. This decking type is durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.                    

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