The best decking is subjective; different people look for different attributes in decking. If you are searching to get the best decking material in the UK, the price should not be the only thing you should consider. You have to consider the various decking types and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself to ease the decision-making process:

How much maintenance are you prepared to do to upkeep your decking’s appearance?

How long do you want your decking to last?

Do you want your decking to look natural?

Decking Suppliers in the UK

There are several different decking suppliers in the UK, such as CompositeWarehouse, Envirobuild, Deckbrokers, Dinodecking and Neotimber.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is definitely an option to consider if you are looking to find the best decking in the UK. There are several benefits of composite decking that makes it better than other types of decking. Please read on for more information on the benefits of composite decking.

1 Easy Maintenance

One thing about composite decking that makes it different from wood is that you can maintain it effortlessly. Composite decking is unlike most decking materials; it does not require painting or staining, whereas, in other types of decking, you must paint or stain if you want it to last longer. Besides that, you don’t have to seal your composite decking because it is resistant to moisture. 

To clean your composite decking, you should use a cloth and hot soapy water. Gently scrub the decking’s surface to remove any dirt. If you have light dirt on top of your decking, you can use a broom to sweep the top of your decking. This is all that is required to maintain your composite decking. That is why homeowners consider composite decking one of the best decking materials in the UK.

less maintenance
decking durability image

2 Durability

Another reason composite decking is one of the best decking materials you can get in the UK is that it is extremely durable. Composite decking can last more than 25 years! The composite decking board’s surface prevents excess water from entering the decking boards. Because of this, composite decking is suitable for the UK weather.

Composite decking is able to resist rot, splintering, breaking, warping, or swelling, unlike other types of decking. If you install your composite decking in the UK outdoors, it will resist a termite attack. Timber-eating insects will not destroy composite decking like they will destroy wooden decking. 

3 Aesthetic Value

Another benefit of composite decking is its aesthetic value. Installing composite decking in your garden can enhance the appearance of your garden. You can turn an overlooked garden into a modern, aesthetically pleasing garden that acts as a social hub in the summer months. Aside from this, the colour of composite decking boards will not fade quickly, meaning it remains aesthetically pleasing for years to come. Furthermore, installing composite decking in your garden also increases the value of your property, so your money will not be wasted if you decide to move house.

look and feel of decking

Wood Decking

Wooden decking is another popular decking choice in the UK. It is made of 100% timber and has different characteristics of composite decking. Here we will discuss the different characteristics of wooden decking.


Composite decking lasts more than double the timespan of wooden decking and requires less maintenance. You will have to pay more for your composite decking at first. However, paying the extra amount initially will save you lots of time and prevent you from paying additional fees on maintenance requirements. Composite decking achieves the natural look of wooden decking and requires a lot less consistent care.

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