One of the benefits of composite decking is that the boards are available in various colours and designs.  If you consider purchasing composite decking, the options for different colours have never been better. We are currently seeing new colours such as bright green and bright blue in the market becoming available. Picking the perfect colour for your decking is a priority. Please consider the colours of other things in your garden or on your property to create a theme. In this article, we look at some of our best sellers and colour themes that we have seen to give you some ideas and inspiration.

As suppliers that have served thousands of customers over the years, we have noticed that dark greys are currently a trend at the moment. A lot of homeowners in the UK have installed dark grey window frames and bifold doors and are therefore looking to match the colour and create an ongoing theme in the property. Our best seller to date has to be the anthracite woodgrain board. This is dark grey – the word “anthracite” originates from a type of coal and has been used by the masses in the UK for their decking projects. Over time, as we all know, trends tend to change, meaning this could easily be at the bottom of the general public wish list in years to come.

Do you like natural wood-looking colours?

The main reasons why people tend to purchase timber tend to fall into one of these two reasons / both of them.

  • People purchase timber decking because it is cheap.
  • People purchase timber decking because they like the natural look that comes with it

Thanks to the newest technology, we can supply composite decking boards that are designed to look as natural as possible, meaning you can achieve this look whilst simultaneously having all the benefits associated with composite decking. We achieved this by including swirls of wood in the design and including different pigments of colour and shades within the surface to replicate a freshly cut piece of timber. We can now offer colours such as teaks, chocolates and redwood to serve the demand for realistic wood-looking colours.

Creating contrast with your decking

A popular way to create a colour scheme for decking is by creating a picture frame with an opposing colour. This really makes the decking pop and gives it an aesthetic design. Colour schemes that we regularly see are light grey decking boards in the centre and anthracite decking boards around the perimeter or vice versa. Another option is teak (light brown) in the centre of the decking and chocolate (dark brown) around the perimeter.

Consider that the colour of your decking will dictate its temperature.

A way to prevent your decking from absorbing too much heat is to choose a light colour. Colours such as teak and light grey will not absorb as much heat as colours such as anthracite grey or black. This is because darker objects absorb all wavelengths of light which are then converted into heat, causing the objects to rise in temperature. This differs with white objects as they tend to reflect all wavelengths of light resulting in the object maintaining its current temperature rather than increasing it. Therefore when selecting a decking board with a darker colour, make sure that you consider how it will become a radiator of heat when exposed to sunlight over time.

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