A good decking like composite decking needs a careful installation for it to look good and last long. The way you install your plastic wood decking depends on the kind of decking your purchase. For starters, there are two kinds of composite decking installation options. Depending on the kind of plastic wood decking you purchase, you can install your plastic wood decking using screws, or you can install the decking using fasteners. But when you purchase grooved composite decking, the only option available to you is using clips and fasteners. Which composite decking installation option is right for my decking? Read along to know. 

Tips for Installing Your Composite Decking Yourself

If you hire a decking installer to build your plastic wood patio, you don’t have to ask about the installation options. A decking installer will know how to install different kinds of plastic wood decking boards. You can ask your plastic wood decking supplier to recommend an expert installer. Most suppliers work with decking installers, so you should find one easily. 

If you decide to install your composite decking yourself, you should be certain you have the skills. Composite decking is a durable product, but the durability is affected by how well you install it. Proper decking installation translates to long-lasting decking. 

But if you don’t follow best practices when building your decking, it will not last long. Little carpentry skills will help you when you are building your decking. Homeowners that want to build their decking should know to measure the boards. Also, homeowners should know how to cut the plastic wood decking to shape. 

Since you will need a hand drill when building the joists, you should know how to use it. The best practice is crucial when installing your plastic wood decking. Build the joists, leaving the appropriate space. Space the composite boards correctly when building your decking. 

Type of Composite Decking Installation Options

There are several ways homeowners can install a deck. But regarding composite decking, there are two ways to achieve a beautiful decking. Homeowners can use screws to fix the decking to the joists. Or, homeowners can use clips and fasteners. If you are familiar with wood decking, you should know that you can use nails to install it. But using nails on composite decking is not the right thing to do and should not be done. Whether you will use clips or fasteners depends on the kinds of boards you purchase. 

Type of Composite Decking Boards

There are several types of plastic wood decking boards. Decking suppliers classified composite decking based on its context. Regarding decking installation, there are two kinds of composite decking. There is the grooved decking and the ungrooved decking. The grooved one has a trench or channels at its sides.

 When installing the decking, you will use the clips and fasteners to hook the grooved board’s trenches. This will prevent the clips from appearing on top of the decking. Ungrooved boards do not have trenches at their sides. The side is straight, like wood decking sides. To install ungrooved decking, you need screws and not clips. But the screws will appear on top of the plastic wood decking. 

Using Clips and Fasteners to Install Your Decking

Composite decking installation option

Check your boards to see if you have purchased grooved ones. If they are grooved, then you should purchase the necessary installation accessories. Clips and fasteners are required to install this kind of decking. You have to build the joists or the substructure that will serve as the base of your decking. This is where your carpentry skills will be useful. Prepare the ground to fix the posts that will be your decking footing. 

Cover the holes with cement and let them dry. Then attach planks to the posts until you have built your frame in the desired shape of your decking. Lay the plastic lumber boards on the joists and ensure that you start from one side using starter clips. Use intermediate clips to install the remaining plastic wood decking boards until you have finished.

Using Screws to Install Your Decking

The process of using screws to build your decking is similar to clips until the stage where you will lay the boards. Then install your ungrooved decking using screws by predrilling the boards before fixing them to the joists.


Which composite decking installation option is right for my decking? The installation option available to you depends on whether you purchase grooved or ungrooved boards. Grooved boards require clips and fasteners, while ungrooved requires screws.

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