Adding decking to your garden is one way to improve the appearance. Homeowners have explored different decking options over the years with different results. Before you build your decking, there are some things you must consider. You must consider the durability of the decking material. Also, you must consider the lifespan and the aesthetic value of the decking. Aside from that, the price of the decking is another thing you must consider. Which decking has the best price? This write-up examines the price of the different decking materials like composite decking and wood. 

Wood Decking Price

One kind of decking that you can get in the market is wood or timber decking. This decking material is made purely of lumber. There are two varieties of timber decking. The first is softwood timber decking while the other is hardwood timber decking. Softwood timber decking needs chemical treatment to make it strong and durable. Hardwood timber decking does not need chemicals. This is because hardwood lumber is a naturally occurring timber. 

If you decide to use timber decking to build the decking of your yard, then you will spend less. But this depends on the kind of timber decking that you use. Softwood boards cost about £15 per board. This price is not much if you compare it with that of wood-plastic composite decking. But if you decide to install hardwood decking, then the cost is closer to wood-plastic composite decking. Hardwood cost about £20 to £25 per board.

Composite Decking Price

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Unlike timber that is a naturally occurring material, wood-plastic decking is a synthetic material that is made in a factory. As a composite material that contains two constituents which are wood and plastic, composite decking is stronger and better than lumber. Also, you don’t have to pressure-treat your wood-plastic composite decking to make it durable. The price of wood-plastic composite is different from that of wood. You can get composite decking for £25 per boards and that depends on the grade of composite boards you purchase. 

Plastic or PVC Decking Price

Another kind of decking that you can use is PVC decking. Plastic decking is the most expensive of the three decking materials. As a synthetic material, PVC decking contains 100% plastic and is made in a factory. The cost to purchase plastic decking is more than wood-plastic composite and timber decking. You will spend between £20 to £25 to purchase plastic decking. 

Which Decking Should You Choose

If you are serious about installing a durable decking material, then you should think past the price. Of course, it might seem worthwhile to save money to purchase a cheap decking material, but the outcome will not be good. If you install a less durable decking material like timber, you will realize that it will not last long. You will use your timber decking for 10 years which is not long compared with PVC that last 20 years and composite that last 25 years. 

Aside from lifespan, using a cheap decking material is not worth it because of the amount of maintenance you have to invest in it. You will scrub a cheap decking like timber to remove mould. But you don’t have to scrub composite decking or plastic because they are resistant to mould and mildew. This makes spending more on a decking material like wood-plastic decking and PVC worth it. The aesthetic value of the decking material is another thing you must consider when looking for decking with the best price. 

Wood has the traditional timber look and if you don’t want it, you have to change the colour by painting your timber decking. Paint or stain fades quickly that is why you have to paint it repeatedly whenever you maintain your timber decking. But composite decking and PVC does not require additional pigment. This is because the pigment of the wood-plastic composite was added to the material during the process of manufacture. 

This makes wood-plastic composite fade-resistant compare to timber. If you want aesthetic value, you have to consider installing either wood-plastic composite or PVC. But which of the two deckings should you choose? Plastic decking has the plastic appearance. You can select any colour of plastic decking that you want. The same with wood-plastic composite. But composite decking is better than plastic because it has the wood-grain appearance that looks like lumber. This is what attract lovers of timber decking.


If you want cheap decking, timber decking is the one with the best price. But if you want to look beyond a decking with the best price, you should consider plastic or wood-plastic decking. They are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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