There are lots of decking materials that you can get for a reasonable price in the market. Those decking materials come with their various attributes that make them unique. A large variety of decking materials makes it confusing for homeowners who are new to the world of decking to pick the right material. Homeowners want a decking material that will last the longest. So, which decking will last the longest? Is it wood decking, composite decking or PVC decking? Let’s go through their various attributes. 

Attributes of the Various Decking Material

Several factors affect the longevity of a decking. What it implies is that the attribute of outdoor decking material can determine how long the material will last.  


The durability of decking material is how well it resists elements of weather and insect. If a decking resists elements of weather and insect better, it will last the longest, but if it doesn’t, it will not last long.

Wood Decking

Timber decking is one types of decking material that homeowners have been using to build decking. Since wood decking contains timber, then you can guess that its durability is limited. Wood decking does not perform well when mother nature plays with it. The fluctuating temperature will affect wood decking. 

That is if the temperature is hot, wood decking will expand and contract when the temperature cools. This will make timber decking to warp, shrink, or break. Aside from elements of nature, wood decking will not resist insect well. Termites will attack and destroy timber decking quickly.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is unlike wood decking that contains only wood. It is a synthetic material that is made from recycled materials such as wood fibre and plastic. A composite material is more durable than wood decking. If it is exposed to elements of mother nature, composite decking will perform better than wood. The fluctuating temperature will not affect a composite decking. 

This implies that your composite decking will not shrink, break or warp. Also, composite decking absorbs little moisture, so it will not swell like wood decking. Termites will not destroy your composite decking like they will wood decking. This makes composite decking one of the materials that will last the longest.

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride Decking

PVC decking is also called plastic decking. This decking type contains only plastic. Like composite decking, plastic decking is more durable than wood decking. It will not warp, break or splinter when mother nature plays on it. Also, plastic decking will not absorb any water at all, so it will not swell and rot. 

Termite is an insect that homeowners are afraid of because they can destroy a decking. A plastic decking will resist termite attack. This means that plastic decking is a decking material that will last long.


Maintenance is the care that you give to your decking material to make it stay fit for outdoor activities. Note that maintenance affects how long a decking material will last. A decking material that is easy to maintain will last the longest because you will take care of it promptly. 

Wood Decking

timber decking material will not last the longest

Timber decking is not easy to maintain because of the material that they use to make it. Wood decking does not come with a unique colour like composite decking and plastic decking. So, if you don’t like the traditional wood look, you have to paint or stain your wood decking. 

Painting a decking means that you have to do it repeatedly because paint fades quickly. So, in the process of maintaining wood decking, you have to sand, seal, stain or paint the decking. The maintenance will cost lots of cash, and you will waste your time doing the task.

Composite Decking

WPC decking material will last the longest

Composite decking is unlike wood decking, and it is easy to maintain. Since composite decking comes in different beautiful, timeless colours, you don’t have to paint or stain the decking.

All you should do when you are maintaining your composite decking is use a cloth to wipe dirt off the surface. Also, you don’t have to expend lots of cash or waste your valuable time to maintain composite decking. This makes composite decking one of the materials that last the longest. 

Plastic Decking

plastic decking materials will last the longest

Plastic decking is similar to composite decking in terms of maintenance. Unlike wood that requires painting, plastic decking does not require an extra coat of paint or stain. So, to take care of plastic decking, you have to clean it with a cloth. Or, you can wash your plastic decking with a hose.


Which decking material lasts the longest? The decking material that will last long is one that is durable and easy to maintain. Composite decking and plastic decking are two decking materials that satisfy those requirements because they are durable and easy to maintain.

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