If you are a homeowner and you want to build an outdoor patio in your house, you can use artificial decking material. One artificial decking that you can use is composite decking. There are different types of composite decking available in the market. There is TimberTech, and there is Trex composite decking. Which is better between TimberTech and Trex?

This question is what homeowners are asking because they want the best decking material for their backyard. If you want to know which is better between TimberTech and Trex, please continue reading this write-up.

TimberTech Flooring Material

The first thing you should know about TimberTech is that it is a brand of composite decking. The owners of the brand launched in 1997 when they pushed their product into the market. As a result of growth and innovation, TimberTech is one of the leading composite railing system makers. Their railing system comes with different colours that make your decking beautiful. TimberTech makes durable composite decking that you can use to build a decking in your lawn.

Trex Flooring Material

Trex is also a brand of composite decking. The company started making durable decking boards as far back as 1996. Homeowners know Trex as a pioneer in the making of composite decking. Their products have evolved from single coloured decking boards to a wide range of colours. Trex also offers composite railing, cladding, and fencing like TimberTech.

Now that you have known what TimberTech and Trex are let’s look at how their decking boards are made. 

TimberTech vs Trex Materials and Layering

Composite decking material composition is wood fibre and plastic. What this implies is that it is unlike wood that contains only one material. TimberTech and Trex make their composite decking in the same way. 

They gather the recycled product and mix them in a factory with an adhesive. After mixing them, they heat them until the product is ready. When it is ready, try cut the composite decking into boards so that you can use them to build your outdoor patio. 

Even though both companies make their composite decking the same way, there are differences in the finished product. The main difference between TimberTech and Trex is that one capped only the top while the other cap the whole board. 

What this implies is that Trex coat the top of their composite decking boards with an extra layer of plastic. TimberTech coats all the sides of their composite boards with plastic. The reason for coating only the top is simple. Trex knows that moisture will inevitably get into their composite decking boards.

 Note that composite decking boards are not like wood decking that absorb lots of moisture. Plastic wood decking will only absorb a little moisture from the environment. So, Trex made it possible for moisture to leave the decking board through the uncapped part. TimberTech made their composite decking boards capped to seal all moisture completely.

TimberTech vs Trex Decking’ Durability

Durability is of paramount importance to every homeowner that wants to install composite decking.  Both TimberTech and Trex composite decking boards are durable. Both products are resistant to insect attack and will absorb a little moisture when exposed to it. 

When you consider the ability for a composite decking board to resist scratches, Trex is still the best material. So, if you are the kind that is conscious of the appearance of your decking, you can use Trex products. TimberTech is also better. Now, this brings us to the surface texture of composite decking boards.

Trex vs TimberTech Surface Colour

timbertech and trex

One thing you should note about composite decking is that they lose a little amount of colour within some weeks after you install them. TimberTech and Trex decking will lose small amounts of pigment. But this doesn’t imply that they are not good.

 TimberTech and Trex have taken care of this colour loss by coating their decking boards heavily during production to suffice for any colour loss. Also, both decking makers finish their composite decking boards in different colours. This makes it possible for homeowners to choose any pigment they want.

Trex vs TimberTech Warranty

The good side of composite decking is that they will last long. But how long they will last depends on the grade of the composite decking. Trex, for example, made their composite decking boards last for 25 years. TimberTech made theirs last for 30 years. Note that we mentioned that it depends on the grade so that the warranty might vary. Another thing is that the warranty both of them offers covers material defects, splinters and rot.

Which Is Better Between TimberTech and Trex?

It is a tough decision to choose which is better between TimberTech and Trex composite decking. This is because both decking makers make durable and aesthetically-pleasing composite decking boards. If you want to choose between Trex and TimberTech, the choice is left to you.


Which is better between TimberTech and Trex? Both of them are better because they offer durable and low maintenance composite decking.

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