An outdoor living area built with a concrete patio or a decking is what you need to entertain your guests or enjoy your outdoor space. Aside from that, adding composite decking or a concrete patio is an excellent way to boost the value of your property. Also, a decking or concrete patio will create the right atmosphere for happy memories. If you have a garden, and you are to install a patio or a decking, which will be the best option. Most homeowners use the price of both outdoor flooring material to make their choice. Which is cheaper between a concrete patio and a decking?

What Is a Decking?

Decking is an outdoor flooring space that you raise above the ground, which is made of materials like wood, composite decking and plastic. This write-up will be on composite decking and how it compared to concrete patio. The decking can sit above the ground if it is an elevated decking, or you can build it close to the ground as in the case of a ground-level decking. It has joists as the frame that will lift it above the ground.

What Is a Concrete Patio?

A concrete patio is an outdoor space that you build by pouring concrete and letting it solidify. Unlike decking that is raised above the ground, a concrete patio is flush with the ground. You can make concrete by mixing cement and sand and then adding water. When the concrete mixture is ready, you will pour it into the area you want and let it dry. 

Concrete Patio vs Composite Decking

In this write-up, we will be considering how composite decking compares with a concrete patio by comparing how much it will cost to build a concrete patio or a composite decking. Overall, you will spend much to build a composite decking than build a concrete patio. But composite decking is likely to have a better return on investment than a concrete patio. This is because of several factors. 

Concrete Patio Materials

The materials you will use to build your concrete patio are cement, sand, gravel and water. You can always purchase cement in a store. Also, you will need to get sand and gravel by scraping your land, or you can buy sand. 

Composite Decking Materials

To build a composite decking, you will need composite boards, wood planks that you will use as the frame and wood posts that will be the foundation of your decking. Aside from that one we mentioned, you will need to hire an installer to fix your decking for you. If you know-how, you can install your wood-plastic composite decking yourself. The cost of wood-plastic composite is more than that of a concrete patio. Aside from the cost, you have to consider installation difficulty.

Installation Difficulty

Concrete Patio

Installing a concrete patio is not too difficult. All you should do is get enough sand for the space you want to concrete and mix the sand with cement, gravel and water. When the mixture is well-mixed, you can pour it on the area and ensure it is level. If fixing a concrete patio is too difficult for you, you can hire a bricklayer. A bricklayer will charge to build your concrete patio for you, but he won’t charge much like a decking installer.

Composite Decking

Installing wood-plastic composite requires many skills. You must know how to work with timber, and also, you must know how to use tools like saw, drill and measuring tape. You should be able to calculate the area you will install your wood-plastic decking. If the installation is too much of a task for you, you can hire an installer to do the job. Note that a wood-plastic decking installer will charge, but the amount depends on how large your decking is.

Is Concrete Patio better than Composite Decking?

Concrete patio vs composite decking

We have shown that a concrete patio is cheaper than composite decking but is a composite decking not worth it? If you want an outdoor space that will make your property look modern, you need to look beyond cheap. Composite decking cost and installation are not cheap, but they produce a better investment return than a concrete patio. Wood-plastic decking will add aesthetic value to your home and will boost the price of your home in case you sell it in the future. 


Which is cheaper between a concrete patio and a decking? A concrete patio is cheaper than a decking. But when you want to floor your outdoor space, you need to look beyond cheap. You need an outdoor material that is aesthetically pleasing and will add value to your property. Composite decking will do all of this.

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