If you want to build a decking in your home, you should use a durable material for your decking project. There are several decking options available to you when you go to the market. You can use wood decking, composite decking, or PVC decking. The two most common decking types are wood and composite decking. Homeowners had long used timber decking for their outdoor project before composite decking was developed. So, it is the new decking versus the old decking type. That is timber decking versus composite decking. Which is more durable between wood or composite decking? This write-up will examine both decking types in detail.  

Wood Decking

We mentioned before that timber decking is the first type of decking material. Homeowners have used timber decking for decades before they develop composite decking. Wood decking is a product of timber or lumber. How wood decking is made is simple. 

Makers of wood decking will cut a tree and carve it into shape. After that, if the wood is softwood, they will pressure treat it with chemicals to make it strong and durable. But if the wood is hardwood, there is no need for chemicals. And then the wood decking is ready.

Wood Decking Durability

The durable decking material is one that will resist or withstand external pressure perfectly. External pressure affecting a decking material is temperature, humidity, rain, snow, insect, and humans. The more a decking material resists these external pressures, the more the decking will last longer. 

Wood decking is durable, but it is not as durable as composite decking. This is because timber decking will not overcome external pressure like composite. Example of external pressure that wood decking will not resist is rain or humidity. Timber readily absorbs moisture from the environment, and when timber does, it swells. If the wood decking dries on time, it will shrink or warp, but if it doesn’t, it will rot.

 Aside from moisture, wood decking performs poorly when it comes to resisting insect attack. This implies that when you build your decking with timber, termites will attack it. All this makes timber decking not last longer like composite decking. You will use timber decking for 15 years when you build your decking with it.

Composite Decking

outdoor decking than is more durable than timber

When you think of composite decking, you should think of a mixture. Composite decking is a mixture or a combination of wood and plastic at an equal proportion. Unlike softwood, that requires chemical, composite decking does not need chemicals. 

Being a synthetic material composite or plastic wood decking is stronger and more durable than lumber, whether it is treated lumber or hardwood. Also, unlike timber decking that loses its durability the more you use it, composite decking will stay strong even when you use it for a long time.

Composite Decking Durability

When you build your garden or lawn decking with composite decking, you will use it for 25 years. This makes some homeowners consider composite decking as a long term investment because of its durability. Composite decking is more durable than lumber because it better resist or withstands weather elements or insects than timber. 

If a composite decking surface comes in contact with excess moisture, its improved surface will absorb it. This makes composite decking not to swell, rot, splinter, warp or break. If you are searching for the best material that will resist termite and other wood-eating bugs, you should use composite decking.

 It has a plastic-coated surface that prevents the exposure of the wood part. Since plastic material is not food for insects, then your composite decking is protected. 

Other Benefits of Composite Decking

Durability is not the only advantage composite decking has over wood. Composite decking is easy to take care of or clean when you compare it to wood. So, when you build your decking with WPC decking material, you don’t have to paint, seal, sand, or stain it. 

All WPC decking needs is cleaning with a cloth or broom to remove muds or with hot soapy water to remove stain or grease. Aside from maintaining your WPC, another advantage it has over timber is that it is aesthetically pleasing. 

The surface pigment of WPC or composite decking will not peel or fade. Plastic wood decking improved surface texture makes it possible for the decking to stay shining for a long time.


Composite decking is more durable than wood decking. This is because WPC or composite decking can withstand the pressure mother nature placed on it. Also, WPC decking will resist termite and any other timber eating bugs.

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