Installing a decking in your property is worth it. But you must ensure that you install the most durable decking material. There are many deckings that you can use to build a patio, but not all are durable. This makes choosing the most durable decking difficult. So, if you want to build a decking in your house, you might wonder which is the most durable decking? Is it wood decking? Composite decking or PVC decking? This write-up examines the various decking material available to determine which one will last longer. 

Important tip: When considering the various decking materials, we will be looking at which one will last. All decking material will last long, but some last longer than others. This write-up sees durability in terms of longest-lasting decking. But this does not mean that other decking materials are not durable. 

Type of Decking

Timber Decking

One famous decking material homeowners have been using is wood or timber decking. This decking type is divided into two depending on its durability. Hardwood decking is a type of timber decking that is naturally durable. This decking material does not need chemicals for it to be firm and last long. Softwood decking is the other type of wood decking. As the name implies, softwood is not naturally strong except you treat it with chemicals. That is why makers of timber decking will pressure-treat the decking with chemicals to increase its lifespan. 

But the thing about timber decking is that the more you use it, the less durable it becomes. What this implies is simple. When you install your timber decking outdoors, elements of nature will work to destroy it and make it less durable. If moisture comes in contact with your timber decking, it will enter into the board. Moisture or water will make lumber lose its strength and swell.

 Swelling will distort the shape of the decking. If the lumber decking dries, it will shrink. Aside from moisture, heat and cold will affect your lumber decking. Heat causes expansion and contraction, which in turn leads to sagging and warping. The elements of nature make lumber decking less durable. So, if you are looking for the most durable decking type, softwood and hardwood is not on the list. 

Composite Decking

durable composite decking

One of the best materials you can utilize to make a decking is composite decking. Another name for composite decking is a wood-plastic composite. This decking material is a composite material and has all the benefits of composite in it. Unlike lumber that needs chemical treatment, wood-plastic composite does not need chemicals. It is a synthetic material that contains wood and plastic as its continent. This is why composite decking will last longer. Wood-plastic composite combines the properties of wood and plastic. 

Timber has strength but will not resist the elements. Plastic resists the elements better than timber. So, a combination of timber and plastic will yield a strong and resistant material to the elements. Wood-plastic composite will not crack or break because of temperature. Also, it will not swell and rot as a result of moisture. Sagging is not common in composite decking, and it will resist mold and mildew. 

Plastic Decking

Like wood-plastic composite, plastic decking is a synthetic material. It doesn’t contain wood, and it is not a composite material. Plastic decking has most of the advantages of wood-plastic composite. Moisture will not destroy it, and it will not swell and rot like lumber. When the temperature changes, it will not sag. Insects like termites will not eat into the core of plastic decking like lumber. 

Which Should You Choose?

Thinking of installing the most durable decking? The best way to make up your mind is to consider how long the decking will last instead of the decking price. Wood decking will last for some ten years because it is not the lost durable decking. Wood-plastic decking or composite will last for 25 years because it is durable. This implies that the life span of composite is twice that of timber. Plastic will last for 20 years and not closer to composite. If you want the most durable decking, you should select wood-plastic composite for your project.


The most durable decking is the one that lasts the longest. Composite decking is a material that will last for 25 years because it is strong and resistant to the elements.

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