Several outdoor flooring material are available in the market. They are composite decking, wood decking, PVC decking, and aluminium decking. Those materials have their uses and benefits, but some outdo others. To find out which outdoor flooring material is best for your backyard, we will consider them one after the other. Let’s begin with wood decking material. 

Wood Decking As An Outdoor Flooring Material

Timber decking is an outdoor flooring material that you can use for your project. Wood contains only wood fibre and nothing more. Timber fibre is not naturally resistant to insect attack and the element of mother nature except hardwoods like cedar and redwood.

So, to make wood resistant, its maker’s pressure treats it with chemicals. Hardwoods don’t need the chemical treatment because they are naturally strong. 

One thing about wood decking is that you can use them for all settings. If you are a love of the traditional wood looks, then a wood decking will be perfect for your home. The setbacks of wood decking are numerous and worth considering.

Timber decking requires laborious maintenance. For your wood decking to last for up to ten years, you have to maintain it regularly. You should perform the task at least once a year. If you don’t, your wood decking will lose its durability.

 Maintaining wood decking requires sanding, staining, oiling, and painting. The task is backbreaking if you want to do it yourself. If you don’t do it yourself, you have to pay a handy person to do the task for you. So, you can see that aside from the cash you will expend when you purchase your wood decking, you will spend more money to maintain the decking.

 It is because you will have to purchase the paint, stain, or the oil you will utilise to maintain your wood decking. Even when you maintain it regularly, there is a pretty good chance that your wood decking will become food for insects like termites when you have used it for a long time. 

Composite Decking As An Outdoor Flooring Material

plastic outdoor decking that is best for your backyard

Composite decking is another outdoor flooring material that is best for your backyard. Folks often refer to it as plastic wood decking. It is because of its material composition. About its composition, composite decking contains plastic and wood fibre. These materials are recycled materials. So, instead of polluting the environment, they convert the materials into plastic wood decking boards.

 One good thing about composite decking is that its plastic composition makes it better than wood. There is one setback of wood that we don’t mention. It is that wood decking absorbs water from rain or moisture quickly. When it does, wood will swell and rot. Composite decking plastic does not make it to absorb water quickly. Although it will absorb only a little, plastic wood decking will not swell and rot like wood.

 Also, composite decking does not need the chemical treatment you will give to softwoods. And unlike hardwood, they will not lose their durability to insects like termites. Another reason folk prefer composite decking to wood is that it is easy to maintain.

The process of taking care of your outdoor flooring material does not require sanding, sealing, oiling, staining or painting like wood. If you have grease or oil stain on your composite decking, removing it is effortless. 

You can do it by using soapy water and a soft brush. Just pour the water on the spot and scrub gently. The soapy water will remove the stain for you. It is because composite decking only absorbs a little stain which is unlike wood that absorbs a lot of stains.

Another thing about composite deckingnas an outdoor flooring ! material is that you don’t have to paint it like wood decking. The reason for this is that plastic wood decking colour will not fade quickly like wood.

 Although it will lose only a little amount of colour before it adapts to its environment, it will not lose its pigment to the extent that it will be unfit for outdoor activities like wood. Also, composite decking comes in a variety of colours. Our stock includes anthracite grey, grey, dark grey, brown, oak, and dark oak composite decking boards.

PVC Decking

Like plastic wood decking, PVC decking contains plastic, but unlike composite decking, it does not contain wood. This 100% plastic outdoor decking material is just like composite decking because it is durable and strong. Also, in terms of maintenance, PVC boards are easy to maintain. Aside from that, the strength to weight ratio of PVC is high like that of composite decking. 

What this implies is that you can hold your outdoor activities on your PVC decking and it will not bow. So, this makes PVC a better outdoor flooring material. The set back of PVC is that it does not have the customised wood look of composite decking. It is a setback because folks that love the traditional wood look want something that will replace their wood and still look like wood.   

Aluminium Decking

This outdoor flooring material is not as popular as the first three, but it is a durable decking material that will last for a long time. Although it will resist insect attack and maintaining it is easy, folk don’t like it because of its cost.


Which outdoor flooring material is best for my backyard? If you read the write-up, you will know that wood is good, but not as good as composite decking, aluminium and PVC. PVC decking is better because it is easy to maintain. Composite decking is the best because its makers can make it look like wood decking.   

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