The type of composite decking board that is best for your home is one that fits your project perfectly.

Your project can be an outdoor decking in your garden. Or, it can be a decking installed in your balcony. 

For these two project types, you can choose between a capped and an uncapped composite decking. If you want a clean finish, you can choose a grooved composite decking.

 If you don’t mind, you can choose an ungrooved decking. Also, if you want a lightweight composite decking board that is easy to install, you can choose a hollowed decking.

You can choose between a light-coloured composite decking and a dark-coloured composite decking. So, the best composite decking is one that fits your setting perfectly.

Grooved and Ungrooved Composite Decking Boards

Grooved composite decking boards have hollows or channels at the sides. You can install a grooved wood-plastic board with clips and fasteners. 

Grooved decking boards are preferred to the ungrooved composite decking boards because they give you a clean finish after installation. 

The clips and fasteners used to install it won’t appear on the surface. Instead, the screws are hidden at the sides of the decking boards.

Also, the surface of the decking is safe to walk on. It is one reason homeowners prefer to build their decking with the grooved composite decking. 

The ungrooved composite decking uses the surface installation method. This method employs the use of screws to fix the boards to the joists. It makes replacing a damaged board easy. 

Ungrooved boards will not give a good finish when used to build decking.

The screws that are used to install it will appear on the surface.

type of outdoor decking board for your home

Although the screws can be covered,  homeowners still disfavour it. 

Capped And Uncapped Composite Decking Board

Capped composite decking has additional layers of plastic on its surface. The layer of plastic makes it difficult for water or moisture to penetrate the board. 

This makes capped composite decking the best decking material for a place closed to water. You can build decking around the swimming pool with the capped decking.

Also, capped plastic-wood boards are perfect for building decking in a garden. It will not swell or rot. Also, mould or mildew cannot grow on a capped decking.

Uncapped composite decking does not have the additional layer of plastic on top of it. You can use them in a location that is covered like in your balcony. The roof will protect it from rainwater or moisture. 

Note that both decking types are easy to maintain and will last longer than wood decking.

Hollow And Solid Composite Decking Board

Hollow composite decking has hollows inside. This hollow makes it a lightweight board. It implies that you can carry your composure decking effortlessly.

Also, hauling your composite decking will be easy. Installing your decking is another issue to consider. Hollow boards are easy to cut and work with. This indicates that they are easy to install. 

Besides, carrying the boards if you are installing a double-storey decking will be easy. Solid composite decking boards are also perfect for building decking. Also, they are easy to work with. 

The backside of solid composite decking is that they are heavier than hollow decking. This might put unnecessary pressure on the joists you installed the decking on.

Light coloured and dark coloured Composite Decking

Composite decking comes in different colours. The type of colour you will choose depends on your environment.

 If you are located in a hot region, it is advisable to choose a light-coloured composite decking.

If you stay in a locale that is not hot, you can choose light-coloured or a dark-coloured plastic-wood decking.

Light coloured composite boards are preferable to dark-coloured composite boards because they will not absorb the heat of the sun.

 If you build your decking with dark-coloured boards in a hot region, you will find it hard to relax on it on a hot day. The only way you can get around it is by building a pergola.

Dark-coloured composite decking boards are beautiful and are used in cool regions. Also, you can choose a board that has a wood grain finish. 

Which Should You Choose?

The type of composite decking board that you should choose depends on where you want to build your decking. If you are building an outdoor decking, you should use capped composite decking boards. 

If you are building decking in your veranda, you can use the uncapped decking. You can use a light-coloured board in a hot region and dark coloured boards in a cool region.

If you want a clean finish, don’t forget to use a grooved composite decking. If you don’t mind, use an ungrooved decking.


The best type of composite decking board for your home is a decking that fits your project perfectly. So, you have to select your decking wisely.

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