Finding the right fence is difficult for homeowners because of the many options available in the market. As you compare different kinds of fences like wood, composite fencing, vinyl, iron and concrete, you should consider their lifespan. When homeowners install a fence that will last longer, they will enjoy it for a long time. It will also save them money they would have spent to reconstruct the fence over the years. This post answers the inquiry, which type of garden fence lasts the longest? 

What Makes a Garden Fence to Last Longer?

Several factors affect the lifespan of a fence. The material composition of the garden fence matters because it affects how long it will last.  Aside from that, the way garden owners will maintain it also matters. 

Material Composition

A garden fence made of synthetic materials like a composite fence will last longer than a natural fence. If you build your garden fence with wood, you can be certain that it won’t last long. Most garden fencing is synthetic. For example, vinyl fencing is made of plastic, while composite fencing is made of wood and plastic. An iron fence will last longer than a wood fence. The material composition of a fencing material matters because it determines how it will resist weather elements. Wood fencing will not resist the elements like composite or vinyl garden fencing. That is why most wood fences will swell, crack, warp or splinter when you install them outside.  

Easy Maintenance 

Every fencing material needs maintenance. If you don’t maintain your fence, it won’t last long. How hard it is to maintain a fence determines how often you will maintain it. An easy to maintain fencing material like composite will last longer. But a garden fencing that is not easy to maintain like wood won’t. 

Type of Garden Fencing

Composite Fencing for Gardens

garden fence that last the longest

As a synthetic material, composite fencing is durable garden fencing that will last longer because of its material composition. The primary purpose of developing composite fencing is to replace wood. Wood-plastic fencing will resist the elements of weather and insects. If you install plastic wood fencing on your property, it won’t swell, break, crack, or warp because of weather elements. Swelling quickly destroys a fencing material, likewise cracking, breaking and warping. But since a wood-plastic fence is resistant to swelling, cracking and breaking, then it will last longer. Also, composite fencing is easy to maintain with less effort. This makes it part of the fencing that will last the longest. The average lifespan of composite fencing is 25 years. 

Vinyl Fencing for Gardens

Vinyl fencing is better for gardens because it is also a synthetic material. But unlike composite, vinyl is not a composite material. Still, vinyl fencing will last longer because it can resist the elements of weather and insects. This means that your vinyl fence won’t crack, break, or splinter under the sun. Also, temperature fluctuations will not destroy vinyl fencing material because it won’t crack when the temperature changes. And the good part of vinyl fencing is that you can maintain it easily. That is why vinyl fencing is a material that lasts the longest. The average lifespan of vinyl fencing is 20 years. 

Wood Fencing for Gardens

Timber fencing is made of natural lumber that must be treated to make it durable. Other wood fencing materials are made of hardwood that does not need chemical treatment. The average lifespan of timber fencing is ten years which is small compared to vinyl and composite fencing. Although timber fencing is cheap, the setbacks are numerous. Timber fencing will crack or splinter because of temperature fluctuations—also, timber fencing decay when mound and mildew grow on the surface. Maintaining wood fencing is difficult; that is why most garden owners fail to maintain it. This will reduce the lifespan of lumber fencing. Timber fencing is not one of the fencing materials that last the longest. 

Another fencing material that lasts the longest is the chain link fence. Aside from their long lifespan and durability, chain link fences are affordable. The average lifespan of a chain link is 20 years which is more than timbers. One setback of chain link fence is that it is not attractive and does not provide privacy for your property. 


Which type of garden fence lasts the longest? Composite fencing is a garden fence that will last for about 25 years with less maintenance. Also, another garden fence that will last the longest of vinyl fencing.

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