When it comes to comparing composite decking and wood, there is more to the story than just the upfront price. Composite outdoor living products are better than wood in several ways. This is because when you install composite in your outdoors, the decking will last longer than timber. Also, composite outdoor products are aesthetically pleasing than timber or plastic. This makes outdoor composite products me on the best materials you can use to floor your outdoor space. 

Durable Outdoor Decking

One way composite outdoor living products are better than wood is that they are durable and have great resistance to the elements. This implies that installing composite products in your garden will ensure that you enjoy the decking for a long time. The lifespan of composite is 25 year. Although how long your composite products will last depends on the grade that you purchase, composite will generally last long. This is because of several factors that we will explain in the next heading.

Resistance to the Elements

When you install composite, wood and plastic outdoors, you will discover that composites outperform the other two. This is because composite is better resistant to the elements of nature. The UV rays will not damage the surface of composite products. Aside from that, composite outdoor products will not absorb much moisture like lumber. The PVC coating on the top of composite outdoor products makes them better resistant to moisture. 

Heat is another element of nature that affects outdoor decking products. Lumber will crack under heat because of expansion. Pvc will stretch when the decking becomes hot. But composite outdoor products will expand and return to their original shape when you install them properly. This is why homeowners prefer composite outdoor decking to any other decking types. The UV rays will easily make the surface on your decking fade with time. But when they reach the composite surface, the rich pigment of the material will prevent fades.

Easy to Maintain

No other outdoor decking products can boost easy maintenance like composite decking. Installing composite outdoor products in your garden will ensure that you and your family enjoy the garden without stressing yourself. To clean the top of your plastic wood decking, you need a cloth and a broom. Taking away the stain from the top of your plastic wood decking is easier than lumber. Just scrub with a brush after pouring soapy water. Lumber decking products require more than scrubbing.

 You must stain or paint the surface of your lumber decking annually. Else, you will have an ugly decking. Aside from painting, you must take steps to remove mould from the surface; they distort the appearance of the decking. Mould are organic materials that thrive on wood when there is moisture on it. They feed on the lumber and reach its core leaving black or green spots on the decking. Since wood-plastic decking has a plastic surface, no need to worry about the black spots mould will leave on the decking.

Aesthetic Value

Why Are Composite Outdoor Products Better than Wood?

The aesthetic value of composite wood products is another reason it is better than lumber or wood. You must change the surface colour of the wood to suit your taste. Else you will use an ugly colour like that. This implies that you had to meet the top of your timber decking with good paint. When you paint your decking, the colour will only last for some time before it fades. The UV ray quickly fades paint or stain when they are installed in the outdoor space. This is where the aesthetic of composite products comes into the picture. 

You don’t have to paint your composite because the decking has a long-lasting colour. Although composite outdoor product colour will fade a little to adjust to the environment, you should expect to use your decking for a long time. This means enjoying the beautiful decking and less stress maintaining it. Mould is another thing that destroys the aesthetic of a decking. Since mould will not thrive on your composite, you can be assured that the decking will remain attractive.


Why are composite outdoor products better than wood? Plastic wood decking is better than lumber because of its attractive colour and its easy to maintain the surface. Also, composite is resistant to moisture and heat and outperforms wood in the outdoor space.

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