Composite decking is the best decking material for many reasons. First, plastic wood decking is strong. Second, composite decking requires little maintenance. Third, you can get a customised plastic wood decking that suits your taste. 

The first two attributes of composite decking are not unique to it. Other decking materials are durable and require less maintenance than wood. But composite decking still stands out as the best when you compare it with wood, concrete and PVC material.

Composite Decking Surface Texture Can Be Customised

Plastic wood decking is the best decking material because you can customise your decking to any finish you want. What this infers is that you can get a decking board that has a wood grain finish. Also, there are brown, oak, and dark oak plastic-wood boards. Wood decking has a wood look because it contains 100% wood. 

Plastic decking or PVC decking looks like plastic. PVC contains polyvinyl chloride as the primary material. The wood-plastic combination of composite decking is not present in PVC. Concrete decking as you know doesn’t look like wood. So, only composite decking has a superior wood look. Why is the wood surface texture important?

The problem starts with wood decking. Timber decking is not durable; they tend to break or splinter after using them for a long time. You will know more about this later. So, the fact that wood decking is less durable makes homeowners look for a replacement. 

Folks tried PVC and found out that in terms of aesthetic it doesn’t satisfy their need. Others tried using concrete, but it does not provide the feel that wood material offers. And then came composite decking.

 Plastic wood decking is not only durable; it comes in a large variety of finishes. One of those finishes is the wood grain surface texture. This surface texture looks like wood, and it gives folks the feeling that a wood decking gives. So, with composite decking, you have a decking that looks like wood and decking that is more durable.

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Composite Decking Can Be Maintained Easily

Here is another reason folks consider plastic wood decking the best decking material. Wood decking doesn’t perform well in terms of maintenance. For your wood decking to last long, you have to sand, oil, stain or paint it. The process of maintaining wood decking is time-consuming. 

Also, the maintenance task is laborious and a back-breaking one. You have to perform the maintenance regularly, at least once a year. Again, the maintenance task requires money to purchase what you need. Composite decking doesn’t need sealing, sanding, oiling, staining or painting like wood. All you should do to maintain it is sweep the surface with a broom. 

If there is oil or grease stain on your decking, use a soft brush and soapy water to scrub the surface. Of course, composite decking is not the only decking material that requires little maintenance. PVC and concrete require little maintenance like composite decking. 

Plastic Wood Decking Is Resistant to Element of Nature

Another reason composite decking is the best decking material is that they are resistant to elements of weather. Aside from the weather, composite decking is resistant to insects. What this implies is that termites and bugs cannot eat into or destroy your composite decking like they will wood decking. 

Wood decking, since they consist of 100% wood, are not resistant to termite attack. Also, homeowners install timber decking directly under the sun; they will fade quickly. Again, they will absorb water, swell and rot. If wood decking does not rot, it will break or splinters.

 Composite decking will not warp when there are fluctuations in temperature. When you use your plastic wood decking for a long time, it will not fade like wood decking; rather, it will lose only a small amount of colour.

Plastic Wood Decking Is Durable

Durability is another reason composite decking is the best decking material. Plastic wood decking is sturdy because it can withstand pressure. It will withstand the pressure of folks standing on it when they are having a party. 

Also, it will withstand the pressure elements of mother nature put on it. So, you can see that composite decking is the best decking material because it is durable, requires little maintenance, and it is beautiful. There are other decking materials like concrete and PVC that are durable and resistant to elements of nature like plastic wood decking. 

Composite decking is the only decking material that genuinely looks like wood and can serve as a better replacement for wood.


Composite decking is the best decking material for three reasons. It is durable, it is resistant to weather elements, and it is aesthetically pleasing.

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