There are many outdoor fencing materials homeowners can use in their gardens, but few offer the looks and durability of composite fencing. Wood fencing, although cheap, is less durable and can easily become susceptible to the elements. Iron fencing does have a nice look and can rust if not properly painted. Concrete fencing is expensive to build, and it does not provide the flexibility of composite fencing. This write-up explains why composite fencing is suitable for UK gardens. It compares plastic wood fencing attributes with other fencing materials to help you select the best. 

What Is Composite Fencing? 

Unlike most fencing materials except concrete, composite fencing is a synthetic outdoor flooring material made of wood and plastic. As a composite material, plastic wood fencing has timber attributes and the water-resistant properties of plastic. That is why wood-plastic composite is stronger and long-lasting. 

Advantages of Composite Fencing

Composite fencing has several advantages that make it suitable for UK gardens. To better understand how good plastic wood fencing is, we should compare it with other fencing materials like wood, concrete, and plastic. 

Composite Fencing Is Durable

One reason composite decking is suitable for UK gardens is that it is durable. A durable fence will last long after you have installed it. Although plastic wood fencing is not the only durable fence in the UK, it combines durability and aesthetics in your garden. Wood fencing is not as durable as wood-plastic composite. This is because timber does not have the water-resistant properties plastic wood fencing has. Plastic fencing is durable. Like wood-plastic composite, plastic fencing will not absorb water and swell. Concrete fencing has similar durability to composite fencing. 

Composite Fencing Is Resistant to the Elements

Another attribute of plastic wood fencing is that it is resistant to the elements. This makes plastic wood fencing last longer when you install it outdoor. One nature element that affects composite fencing when you install it in a UK garden is moisture. Water in the atmosphere cannot infiltrate wood-plastic composite. This makes plastic wood fencing suitable for any garden in the UK. Wood fencing is not suitable for all UK gardens because it will absorb moisture and swell. Other fencing materials like plastic and iron have high water resistance. Plastic fencing will perform better under the weather like composite. 

Iron fencing will resist moisture absorption, but garden owners must paint it. Other attributes of plastic wood fencing are resistance to swelling, rot, splintering, and breaking. The UV rays of the sun will not affect composite fencing colour. This implies that the wood-plastic composite’s colour will last longer. Wood fencing is not fade resistance like composite. Also, wood fencing will split, break, or warp when you install it outdoors. Other fencing materials like concrete and plastic will not break, warp and splinter. 

Plastic Wood Fencing Is Easy to Maintain

Another advantage of composite fencing that makes it suitable for UK gardens is that it is easy to maintain. Maintaining fencing is crucial to making it last longer and beautiful. To maintain composite fencing, garden owners have to clean or spray the body of the fence to remove dirt and stain. Wood fencing panels are not easy to maintain. Garden owners must sand, paint or stain the fence. This makes wood fencing difficult to maintain and further consumes cash. Plastic fencing, like composite, is easy to maintain. Concrete fencing does not need much maintenance like wood. 

Composite Fencing Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Fencing Suitable for UK Gardens

Every garden owner loves an attractive fence. Composite fencing is not only attractive, but the beautiful colours will also stay longer than most fencing materials. This makes composite fencing suitable for outdoor installation in any UK garden. Another advantage of plastic wood fencing beauty is that garden owners can have theirs customized. You can get wood-grain plastic wood fencing and stone fencing, aside from selecting various colours.

Wood fencing is less attractive, and to change the colour, garden owners must paint or stain it. Plastic fencing is attractive, but unlike composite, garden owners cannot customize it to look like wood. Concrete and iron fencing are two less attractive materials. This leaves composite fencing as the only material any UK garden owner can use for their outdoor flooring in their garden. 


Why is composite fencing suitable for UK gardens? Plastic wood fencing is easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, resistant to the elements, and durable. This makes wood-plastic composite fencing the best material UK garden owners can install.

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