You should choose composite decking your garden or yard because it is a durable, strong, attractive, and insect resistant decking. But first, what is composite or plastic decking?

What Is a Composite Decking?

A plastic wood decking is a building material that makers of composite decking make with wood and plastic. What this implies is that the composition of composite decking is wood and plastic. Also, it means that plastic wood decking comes from recycled material. 

They should have thrown the materials away, but they put the plastic and wood into creative uses. That creative use yielded composite decking. Makers of composite decking take the wood and plastic to a factory where they are mixed and heated to form the plastic wood boards. It is these boards that you will use to build decking in your garden or yard.

 There are different types of composite decking that you can get in the market. There is the capped and uncapped composite decking. Also, there is grooved and ungrooved composite decking. Capped composite decking has an extra layer of plastic on the surface that reduces water absorption. 

At the same time, uncapped doesn’t have the extra layer of plastic. Grooved composite decoding has hollows or channels at the sides. These hollows made it possible for you to install the boards with clips and fasteners.

Why You Should Choose Composite Decking

outdoor decking for your garden

Plastic wood decking is the right material for your outdoor project because of the reason explained below.

Composite Decking Is Durable

Durable means the ability to resist wears, decay, or last and enduring. With regards to composite decking, durability means that plastic wood boards will not wear quickly like wood boards. Also, it will not decay like wood boards.

 It is because it will not absorb water like wood when you expose composite decking to water. That composite decking will resist wear or rot indicates that it will last longer than wood decking. Some plastic wood decking can last for up to 25 years, depending on the grade. 

Others can last for ten years without getting damaged if you use it properly. Another thing about composite decking is the strength to weight ratio. 

Although plastic wood decking boards are lightweight, they are stronger than wood. What this implies is that you can have an outdoor activity on your decking without fearing that it will collapse.

Composite Decking Required Little Maintenance

This is the best part of composite decking and why you should use it to build decking in your backyard. Composite decking is unlike wood decking in terms of maintenance. Wood decking requires an elaborate cleaning. The cleaning process of wood decking involves scrubbing, sweeping and washing.

 Although composite decking requires scrubbing, sweeping, and washing, you don’t have to do it like wood decking. Aside from that, you have to seal, sand, stain or paint your wood decking to make it look good. This process of sanding, filling, and staining is time-consuming and laborious. 

You have to bend your back to achieve the task. Also, you have to spend money to maintain your wood decking. Composite decking doesn’t require staining, painting, sealing or sanding. All plastic wood boards require simple cleaning. 

You can wash your composite decking with a hose if dirt spills on the decking. When you are using a power wash, ensure that you don’t bring the hose close to the surface of the decking so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Power washing outdoor decking

Composite Decking Has High Aesthetics Value

Aesthetics is another reason you should use composite decking. Plastic wood decking comes in a wide variety of colours. You can choose anthracite grey, dark-grey, grey, brown, dark-brown, and oak composite decking boards. 

Aside from that, you can mix colours so that you will get a well colour composite decking. One thing about decking is that homeowners love a decking that looks like wood. That is why some still prefer to use wood to this day. Other decking options are durable and resistant like composite decking. 

The problem with those decking options is that they don’t look like wood. Composite decking is the only decking solution that looks like wood because of its wood grain surface texture. That is why homeowners love plastic wood decking, and that is why you should choose it when decking your backyard.


You should choose composite decking boards to floor your garden or backyard because they are durable, strong, aesthetically pleasing, and resistant to insects.

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