The outdoor flooring market is saturated with different kinds of decking materials that homeowners can use. This might confuse homeowners that have little experience selecting the right decking material. Perhaps you have heard folks talking about wood decking and its disadvantages. Or you have read about timber decking reviews and got to know of several decking materials you can use as replacements. One wood decking replacement that has been gaining popularity because of its quality is composite decking. If you are a UK homeowner looking forward to installing plastic wood decking in your garden, composite is the right material for you. But why should UK homeowners consider composite decking? 

What Is Composite Decking?

If you have seen any outdoor flooring, you will understand that decking is a material that is installed in the garden. Most decking materials will not survive the pressure mother nature places on them. They will rot or swell, leading to a short lifespan when homeowners install them in their garden. Composite decking is not like other decking materials. This outdoor flooring material is strong, durable and has a long lifespan. Composite decking strength and lifespan comes from its material composition.

 Engineers consider composite decking as a composite. Composites have the properties of being durable, strong, and flexible. The constituents in plastic wood decking are wood and plastic. Engineers will mix the wood and plastic in a factory with a bonding agent and then heat it to form decking boards. The new decking boards formed are called wood-plastic composite. As a composite, wood-plastic decking solves the problems of timber decking and plastic. 

Timber is a structural material but will not last long because it is less resistant to the elements. Moisture will easily destroy timber decking. Plastic decking is resistant to moisture, but it is not a structural material. Since composite decking contains wood and plastic, it has the strength of wood and the water-resistant property of the plastic. That is why UK homeowners should consider using composite decking.

Features of Composite Decking

There are several reasons UK homeowners should consider using composite decking to build their outdoor patio. 

Composite Decking Is Perfect for UK Environment

One reason UK homeowners should consider using composite decking for their outdoor flooring project is that it is perfect for the environment. Since the UK environment is wet in summer and cold in winter, most decking materials will not survive there. Wood decking will readily take in much moisture when homeowners build them outdoors. In winter, the extreme temperature will make timber decking crack or break if snow accumulates on the top.

 The composite decking structure makes it resistant to moisture infiltration and extreme temperature. Moisture will not infiltrate composite decking because of the protective shell on its surface. The extreme temperature will not destroy wood-plastic composite because the boards will not break or crack. UK homeowners can build composite decking in their garden, and it will last long. 

Composite Decking Has a Long Lifespan

The average lifespan of timber decking is 15 years with elaborate maintenance. Composite decking will last longer than timber and even plastic. The average lifespan of composite decking is 20 years. Some composite decking brands will even last for up to 30 years. The long lifespan of composite decking means for the UK homeowners that they will enjoy their decking because it offers value for the money they spent on it. 

Composite Decking Is Easy to Maintain

Homeowners that have replaced their wood decking with composite decking can testify that it is easier to maintain than timber. Aside from consuming cash, maintaining timber decking is tedious. Homeowners have to spend hours bending and sanding the decking in preparation for painting. After sanding, UK homeowners have to smear the surface of timber with stain or paint to make it look good. Composite decking does not need painting because the beautiful pigment on its surface will last long. No painting means no sanding making the UK homeowners spend their time enjoying their decking rather than maintaining it. 

Composite Decking Has Beautiful Surface

Why uk homeowners should consider composite decking

The top or surface texture of composite decking is attractive. Homeowners that install it in their garden can testify that it adds beauty and value to their property. You can select any plastic wood decking surface texture that you want. 


Why should UK homeowners consider using composite decking? Plastic wood decking is durable, strong, easy to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing. That is why UK homeowners should consider installing it. 

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