You might have heard people saying that composite decking boards have an improved well-engineered structure that makes it last longer. Or, have you been told that if you want to build your decking with a long-lasting material, you should use composite decking? This will make you wonder if composite decking is a durable material. So, will composite decking boards last for long? Yes, composite or plastic wood decking will last for long, even longer than wood or PVC decking. This write-up considers why plastic wood decking will last long.

Why Composite Decking Boards Will Last Long

Composite Decking Boards Material Composition

The main reason composite decking will last longer than wood or PVC decking is because of its material composition. What material composition means is that composite decking contains wood fibre and recycled plastics. That is not all about plastic wood decking material composition. 

The polythene or plastic and wood fibre are taken to a factory where makers of composite decking process or convert them to composite boards. The process usually involves adding a bonding agent and heating the wood fibre and plastic until the mix and form plastic wood decking boards. What this implies is that plastic wood decking is a synthetic material that holds against natural elements like weather and insect.


Remember that we concluded the previous heading with composite decking would hold against natural elements. That is where durability comes in. what durability means is that plastic wood decking can resist external pressure that acts to damage it. 

Note that the better a decking material to resist external pressure, the more it will last. Examples of external pressures that act to destroy a decking are rain, snow, heat, changing temperature, insects, and humans. That plastic wood decking will resist all these external pressure is another reason it will last long.

Resistant to the Elements and Insects 

When the temperature changes, composite decking will not break, warp, or splinter. This is because plastic wood decking will expand and contract easily. If you install your plastic wood decking outdoors, and it rains, it will not take in much moisture or rainwater. Moisture in a decking material is what will make it to swell and rot. 

But since composite decking takes in a little quantity, then plastic wood decking will not rot. This will enable your plastic wood decking to last for a long time than wood decking that takes in moisture. Aside from moisture, composite decking will stand against wood consuming insects like termites and other bugs. So, you don’t have to bother that insects will destroy your plastic wood decking.

Easy to Instal

That composite decking is easy to install is another reason it is better than timber. How does easy to install affects how long the decking will last? If you purchase a decking material that is not easy to install, there is a chance that you won’t follow best practice when installing the boards. 

But if you purchase a material like composite decking that you can install easily, you will follow best practice. Part of the best practice you must follow when installing composite decking is to leave at least a 5 mm gap between the boards for expansion. 

Other Advantages of Composite Decking Boards

composite decking boards will last for long

Aside from being easy to install and composite decking will last longer, there are other advantages of plastic wood decking worth considering. 

Easy Maintenance

You can maintain your composite decking easily with light tools. This is crucial because maintenance determine how long your decking will last. The maintenance process of plastic wood decking is simple. All you should do is use a light fabric to wipe dirt or the top of your decking. If you don’t want to use fabric, you can use a broom to sweep the top of your plastic wood decking. 

Also, you can use a brush that is not hard to scrub the top of your plastic wood decking. When you maintain your plastic wood decking regularly, it will last long. Wood or timber decking is not easy to take care of. You have to seal, stain, paint, or sand your lumber so that it will look good. This process of sanding, staining, or sealing is difficult and time-consuming. That is why most homeowners refuse to maintain their wood decking and why wood decking will not last long.


Will composite decking boards last long? Yes, plastic wood decking boards will last long because it is durable, resistant to the elements, and easy to maintain.

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