Composite decking will look good for long when you install it in your garden. This is because composite decking boards have different colours that make them look beautiful. Also, composite decking’s colour will last longer because it won’t fade quickly like wood.

Why Composite Boards Will Stay Attractive for a Long Time

Composite decking is a synthetic material that is made from wood fibre and plastic. Homeowners often refer to composite decking boards as plastic wood decking. 

This is because of the plastic that makers of composite decking used to make it. They mix the plastic and timber dust in a factory and heat them till the mixture forms composite boards. This finished composite board is strong and durable. 

Composite Decking Colour

decking that will look good for long

One reason composite decking will look good for a long time is because of its timeless colour. Makers of plastic wood decking refer to the colour as timeless because it will not fade or scratch easily. Also, makers of composite decking coat the surface with heavy pigmentation or colour during production. 

This rich colouring gives composite decking boards a good look. Also, when you install your composite decking boards, it will adjust perfectly to the environment. This is because of its heavy pigmentation. Wood decking, on the other hand, does not have any rich colouring. If you install a wood decking in your garden, the UV rays of the sun will fade it quickly. 

Composite decking will look good for a long time because the rich colouring of its surface texture will not fade like wood. When you install your composite decking, you will notice that it fades slightly from a thick colour to a light colour. This is because makers of composite decking made it lose a little to match with the surrounding. 

Aside from heavy pigmentation, composite decking boards come in a large number of colours. You can get black, brown, grey, anthracite grey, and wood grain composite decking. The benefits of this pigment are that they will last longer than wood. As we mentioned earlier, composite decking is coated with rich colouring that makes it difficult to fade quickly.

Benefits of Composite Decking Surface Colour

decking material that will look good for long

The benefits of composite decking attractive colour are numerous. Plastic wood decking will not fade quickly; that is why it will look good for long. This means that plastic wood decking does not require painting or staining when you are maintaining it. 

Also, you don’t have to sand your plastic wood decking. When you build your decking with plastic wood, you will save the cash you will have spent purchasing paint or stain. Wood decking does not have the kind of surface colour that composite decking has. 

So when wood decking comes in contact with direct sunlight, the UV rays of the sun will make it fade. That is why owners of wood decking must paint or stain their timber regularly. Also, wood decking maintenance will take up much of your cash.

Other Benefits of Composite Decking

Aside from the fact that composite decking will look good for a long time, it is easy to maintain. When you build your decking with composite boards, and you want to maintain it, you don’t have to sand or seal it. Aside from sanding or sealing, painting your composite boards is not required. 

So, to take care of your plastic wood decking, you just have to use a cloth to wipe the surface. Or you can utilise a broom to sweep the top of your composite decking. If by chance mould or mildew grow on your plastic wood decking, you can easily scrub it off with a brush. What you need to scrub mould is a brush that is soft and soapy water.

 Aside from maintaining composite decking, another benefit is durability. The reason composite decking will last longer than timber is because it is a synthetic material. It will resist termite, snow, and rain better than wood decking. 

The lifespan of plastic wood decking is 20 years, while that of timber is ten years. Composite decking will not take in lots of moisture so it will not swell like timber. Also, plastic wood decking boards will not sag or warp when you expose it to changing temperature. 


Will composite decking look good for long? Composite decking will remain attractive for a long time because it has a better surface colour than most decking types.

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