Maintaining your composite decking is vital for its survival. Like wood decking, plastic wood decking needs regular maintenance to make it last longer. But unlike wood decking, composite decking maintenance is not time-consuming and stressful. Another bad thing about wood decking maintenance is that it consumes lots of cash. That is why decking owners are turning to plastic wood decking because of easy maintenance. So, the question is, will I spend much to maintain composite decking?

Composite Decking Maintenance vs Wood Decking

Note that we mentioned that homeowners are turning to plastic wood decking because of its easy maintenance. That is why we will compare plastic wood decking with wood decking to discern how they are maintained. The wood decking maintenance process starts with the regular cleaning or scrubbing that you will give a household material. 

You have to wipe the top of your timber decking with a broom to remove debris or dirt. Aside from removing debris, you have to wash the top of your wood decking if you want it to look good. After the normal maintenance, you have to give your wood decking extra maintenance. This extra maintenance involves sanding with sand paper to make the surface smooth.

 The essence of sanding timber decking is for the surface to be smooth so that it will be easy for you to paint or stain it. After sanding your timber decking, then you must paint it to make it look better. Another maintenance that you will give wood decking is sealing. Homeowners seal their decking to prevent excess moisture from entering the boards. 

What this infers is that if you don’t seal timber decking, it will not last long. That is why timber decking maintenance is expensive. Composite decking maintenance does not require all the sanding, staining, sealing, or painting that you will give timber decking. If you want to clean your plastic wood decking, you should sweep the top with a broom or clean it with a cloth.

Will I Spend Much to Maintain Composite Decking?

 You can scrub the surface of your plastic wood decking with a brush if you want to take away oil and grease stain. This implies that there is a wide difference between wood decking and composite decking maintenance.  

Cost of Maintaining Composite Decking vs Wood

From the analysis of wood and composite decking maintenance that we just did, you can discern that wood decking will be more expensive to maintain than plastic wood decking. This is because to maintain wood decking; you have to purchase paint or stain. Also, you must purchase the sealer that you will use to seal your timber decking.

 Note that you have to stain and seal your wood decking yearly to make it last longer. So, if you have to purchase paint or stain, you might spend about £300 yearly to maintain it. Maintaining composite decking is easily and much cheaper than that. Remember that you don’t have to purchase a stain or paint.

 Aside from that, you don’t have to purchase a sealer to keep moisture from your composite decking surface. What you have to purchase to maintain your composite decking is the soap or detergent you will use to wash the surface. 

You can use the soap you have in your house instead of buying soap from the market. Even if you want to purchase soap, it will not cost more than £50. This clearly shows that you will not spend much to maintain your composite decking.

Benefits of Composite Decking Low Maintenance

The benefits of spending less to maintain your composite decking are numerous. This implies that you will save more money when installing composite decking than when you install wood decking. Homeowners that are sticking to wood are doing it because of its initial cost.

 Timber decking cost less than plastic wood decking. If you want to purchase a wood decking board, you will spend about £15. But if you want to purchase plastic wood decking boards, you will spend about £20 to £25. That is why most homeowners don’t consider composite decking as a cost-effective decking material.

 But when you think of the maintenance and the fact that you will spend less to maintain composite decking, you will have a rethink. You will save lots of cash when installing composite plastic decking because you will spend less to maintain it.


You will not spend much to maintain composite decking. This is because composite decking does not require staining, painting, or sealing like wood decking. So, no need to purchase paint or sealer.

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