Homeowners that are contemplating installing composite decking want to know if it will last long. They have heard of timber decking and how it requires elaborate maintenance so that it will last long. Also, homeowners know that wood decking is susceptible to the elements of mother nature, which destroy timber quickly. Composite decking is the new outdoor flooring material, and it promises to outperform timber in all ways. But the issue of damage comes up. Will composite decking get damaged quickly like timber? That depends on how homeowners install the decking and whether homeowners do the maintenance correctly. Let’s consider two things that will make composite decking damaged quickly. 

Two Things that Can Reduce the Lifespan of Composite Decking

Composite decking is made strong. Strong enough to resist nature’s elements like heat, cold, moisture, and the sun’s UV rays. Makers of composite wood decking ensure that their products can stand the test of time when homeowners installed them in their garden. But as good as composite wood decking is, some situations can warranty losing its durability. Durability is an outdoor flooring material like composite wood decking or any other outdoor structure to stand the elements. Moisture is one common natural element that can easily destroy any outdoor structure that contains lumber.

It infiltrates the lumber and soaks it, making it swell. Eventually, the structure or patio will rot if it dries slowly or cracks if it dries quickly. Since composite decking has high moisture resistance, it is unlikely that moisture will infiltrate the surface. That is one reason plastic wood decking is durable. But that does not suggest that wood-plastic composite cannot lose its durability. One reason wood-plastic composite can lose its durability is if homeowners installed it incorrectly. The other reason is if homeowners refuse to maintain composite wood decking.  

Wrongly Installing Composite Decking Can Damage It

Will My Composite Decking Get Damaged Quickly?

Not following best practices when setting up composite decking can damage it. This is one reason composite decking can get damaged quickly. Decking makers recommend that homeowners should install their products using the right techniques and leaving the required space. That is why most wood-plastic decking makers will recommend an installer when you purchase their product. But most homeowners decide to save cost and install their plastic wood decking themselves. It takes skills and energy to install composite decking. Homeowners must be familiar with using carpentry tools and must know what is involved in installing a decking. 

Using the Wrong Joists for Your Composite Decking

The joists of your composite decking are the substructure that lifts it from the ground. Your decking joists serve as the foundation and gives it a solid hold on the ground. That is why homeowners must use good materials to build their plastic wood decking joists. There are several materials homeowners can use to build their joists. Such materials like timber and composite boards are good for making joists. The most common joists material is timber. Timber joists are cheaper than composite joists. 

That is why most homeowners are using it to build their decking frame. Other homeowners don’t even know that composite decking joists exist. The disadvantage of using wood joists is that composite decking will outlive it. Composite lumber decking will resist the elements, but wood will not. So, if the supporting structure of your decking eventually rots off, the main composite decking will collapse. That is why homeowners should use composite joists for composite decking. Using wood joists will make composite decking to get damaged quickly.

Not Leaving Appropriate Spaces Between the Boards

Homeowners that opt to install their plastic wood decking must know the right space and ensure that they space the boards correctly. When the weather becomes hot, composite boards will expand and contract when it becomes cool. Failure to leave space to ease expansion will crack the plastic wood boards. This will make composite decking get damaged quickly. 

Lack of Maintenance Can Damage Composite Decking

Another thing that can damage composite decking quickly is if homeowners don’t maintain it. Every structure needs maintenance, and composite decking is not exempted. Homeowners must clean their plastic wood decking to remove mould, mildew, and any other elements that will destroy it. Also, maintaining plastic wood decking will ensure that it stays clean at all times and prevent decay on the surface. 


Will my composite decking get damaged quickly? Wood-plastic composite decking is made strong, but it can get damaged for some reasons. Homeowners must install their decking properly and maintain it to avoid damage. 

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