Composite decking, also known as plastic wood decking, is engineered to last long. This is because of the materials that composite decking is made of. This information is available to homeowners that know much about plastic wood decking. Homeowners that don’t know a lot about composite decking will wonder if purchasing it is worth their effort. They want to know if their composite decking material will last long. We have compiled this article to give you an insight into plastic wood decking and how long it will last.

What Is a Composite Decking Material?

WPC decking material that will last long

Plastic wood decking is an artificial material that contains wood fibre and plastic. The wood fibre and plastic are waste materials. Makers of composite decking will take the waste material to a factory where they process them by mixing with an adhesive and then heating till it forms composite decking. When the plastic wood decking is ready, they cut it into boards so that you can use them to build your decking. 

How Long Will It Last?

Composite decking material or plastic wood decking will last longer than most decking materials. How long your plastic wood decking will last depends on the grade of composite decking that you purchase.

For example, our Timeless collections of composite decking will last for 25 years. You will agree that 25 years is a long time for decking to last. This makes it worth installing Timeless composite decking. 

The other grade of composite decking material is the Essential collections. This composite decking material will last for just 15 years. Although it will not last long like the essential collections, it will last longer than wood decking which has a lifespan of 10 years. So, you can deduce that composite decking will last for a long time.

Why Composite Decking Material Will Last Long

Composite decking will last long because it is durable and strong. Aside from that, the process of maintaining a composite decking is straightforward. Also, composite decking will last long because of its material composition.

Material Composition

The material composition of a decking determines how long it will last. If the decking is made of durable materials, then it will last long. Remember that we mentioned that composite decking materials composition is timber and plastic.

Also, we noted that makers of composite decking process those waste materials in a factory. The end product, which is plastic wood decking, is a strong material that will stand against any pressure that comes its way. 

For example, if the element of nature should place pressure on it, it will resist the pressure. Your composite decking material will not absorb much moisture. Absorbing little humidity means that your plastic wood decking will not swell or increase in size. Also, your composite decking will not shrink or warp when the moisture dries.

 A decking that swells will rot if it doesn’t dry quickly. Since composite decking material does not swell, it will not rot. Aside from absorbing moisture, plastic wood decking will not shrink or break when you expose it to fluctuating temperature.

Although composite decking material will expand, if you leave a gap between the boards, your decking will be fine. Plastic wood decking is resistant to termite attack, and wood-eating bugs will not destroy it. 


Maintenance is another thing that affects how long your composite decking material will last. Note that plastic wood decking is easy to take care of. What you need to maintain your plastic wood decking is a cloth or a brush. Also, how you take care of your plastic wood decking depends on the stain or dirt that you want to take away.

 If you have to remove mud, just use a broom to sweep the surface and use either a cloth or a hose to clean the surface texture of your plastic wood decking. Also, you can wipe oil and grease from the top of your plastic wood decking easily. 

Just scrub the top of your plastic wood decking and rinse with water. With plastic wood decking, there is no need to paint or stain your decking. This is because plastic wood decking has lots of beautiful pigment that will last as long as your decking lasts. 

How To Ensure that Your Plastic Wood Decking Last Long

You have a part to play if you want your plastic wood decking to last long.

Install Your Decking Properly

For your composite decking material to last long, you have to install it the right way following best practice. We recommend that you get a composite decking installer for the task. If you are capable of installing composite decking, you should go about it carefully.

adding gap to your decking so that it will last long

 Ensure that you add a 5 mm gap between your plastic wood decking boards. This will ensure that your composite decking expands easily. Also, use a suitable material like treated timber for the joist that will support your plastic wood decking.


Maintenance is the key to keeping your composite decking material for a long time. You must take care of your plastic wood decking if you want it to last long. When you take care of your composite decking, you will be able to spot mould, mildew and algae when they grow on it and remove them quickly.


Will my composite decking material last long? Depending on the grade of plastic wood decking that you buy, it can last for 15 to 25 years if you install and maintain it properly.

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