Homeowners have always asked this question because they are worried that walking on their composite decking will scratch the surface and make it less attractive. There are different outdoor flooring material, and two of the most popularly used decking materials are wood and composite decking. Wood decking will scratch easily because of its painted surface texture. That is why homeowners are turning to composite decking. But will composite decking scratch easily like wood?

Why Composite Decking Will Not Scratch Quickly

Material Composition

The material composition of composite decking is different from wood. Wood is natural lumber or timber fibre that has to be painted if you want to get a beautiful colour. Composite decking, on the other hand, is a synthetic flooring material made of wood fibre and plastic. 

As a synthetic material, makers of plastic wood decking gave it heavy colouring when making the boards. This rich colouring improved the surface texture makes composite or plastic wood decking less likely to scratch. Note that composite decking is scratch resistant, not scratch proof. 

Surface Texture

Will My Composite Decking Scratch Easily?

Aside from the material composition of plastic wood decking, the decking’s surface texture is another reason it will not scratch easily. Plastic wood decking has a beautiful or attractive surface texture. This implies that when you walk on your composite decking, your foot will not scratch the surface.

 Plastic wood decking has a thick surface pigment that its maker gives to it during the process of manufacture. You can get brown, black, green, oak and anthracite decking. This surface pigment or simply colour makes the top of your plastic wood decking less likely to scratch. 

Composite Decking Is Resistant to Foot Traffic

The surface texture or thick surface pigment of composite decking is one reason it can withstand or resist high foot traffic. Foot traffic is the number of times you and your family walk on your plastic wood decking. If you are the kind that spends much of your happy moment outdoors and on your wood plastic composite decking, it will have high foot traffic.

 If you party a lot outdoors on your composite decking, then the foot traffic will be high. Wood decking has only one surface texture, which is traditional wood. If you don’t like the old wood look, you must paint your timber to any colour you want with latex paint. The paint will scratch easily because it is less resistant to foot traffic. 

This implies that you must give your timber decking consistent painting yearly. Composite decking does not need latex paint since it is given heavy surface colouration during manufacture. That is why plastic wood decking is resistant to foot traffic and will not scratch easily.

How to Keep Your Composite Decking Surface from Scratches

It is important to note that composite decking is scratch resistant, not scratch proof. What this infers is that your composite decking will not scratch easily, but it does not mean that it will not scratch at all. Plastic wood decking will scratch if you don’t handle the surface of your decking well. 

If you drag a heavy object on top of your plastic wood decking, then expect that it will scratch. So, if you are a house owner, and you don’t want your composite decking to scratch, you should ensure that you don’t drag or slide objects like a table or chair on your decking surface. If you desire to put something on the top of your composite decking, you have to carry it and place it gently on the spot you want on your plastic wood decking.

Other Benefits of Composite Decking

Aside from scratch-resistant, composite decking has other advantages that make it better than timber. One of the benefits or advantages of plastic wood decking is that you can take care of or maintain it easily without spending lots of cash. The principal reason for this is that plastic wood decking will not scratch easily. 

Wood, for example, needs painting because the surface paint will fade quickly. This suggests that when maintaining your timber, you must paint it too. But composite decking does not need paint because the surface pigment will not fade. This makes it less likely for you to spend lots of cash maintaining your plastic wood decking.


Your composite decking will not scratch easily because of its improved surface texture or colour. Composite boards are unlike timber that will scratch and fade as a result of high foot traffic. This implies that plastic wood decking is resistant to scratches.

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