Well, the answer to that simple but yet complicated question is not straightforward. Termites will eat your decking if you install a less durable material. But if you use a durable and strong decking material like composite decking to build your decking, then termite will not eat it. Let’s consider the various decking types to know which termites will eat and which termites will not eat. But first, what are termites?

What Is a Termite?

A termite is an insect that thrives on wood material. This means that termite eats wood the way humans eat food. When a termite comes in contact with wood or timber, it will make holes in it, eating deep into the wood. That is the problem with termite invasion. 

this is a termite

When a termite eats into the wood, the termite will destroy it. So, if your decking contains 100% wood, then there is a 100% chance that termite will destroy the decking when you have used it for a long time. What kind of decking will resist termite? 

Wood Decking

You can now guess that wood decking will not perform better with termite. There are two kinds of timber decking. The first kind is softwood decking while the other type of wood decking is hardwood decking. The former is not naturally strong, so makers of wood decking must treat it with chemicals to make it firm. 

The chemicals that makers of wood decking apply to softwood squeeze the excess moisture out of it and makes the decking boards stronger and more durable. Hardwood is strong and durable, and it does not require chemical treatment like softwood. Woods like cedar and redwood are what makers of decking used to make hardwood. 

The problem with wood decking is that when you use them for a long time, they will become less durable. When a wood decking becomes less durable, then termites will attack and eat the wood decking.

termites eating decking

So, timber is not the best option for decking if you don’t want termite to eat your decking. 

Composite Decking

Another type of material that you can use to make a decking is a composite board. Composite decking, like wood decking, contains wood. But that is not all about composite decking. Unlike wood decking, composite decking does not contain 100% wood. The material composition of composite decking is wood fibre and plastic. 

These two materials of different types are combined with an adhesive and heated till it forms composite boards. That is why those that use composite decking call it plastic wood decking. Plastic wood decking is by far stronger and more durable than wood decking. Remember that we stated that termite readily feeds on wood.

this decking is resistant to termite

 But since composite decking contains wood, will termite eat your decking? The answer to that enquires is no. Makers of composite decking use plastic to coat the surface texture of composite decking. Since termites cannot eat into plastic, then composite decking will resist termite. But termite is not the only thing that composite decking is resistant to. 

Vinyl or Plastic Decking

Vinyl decking is another decking material that will resist termite. Plastic decking does not contain any wood. Makers of vinyl decking use 100% plastic to make this kind of decking material. Vinyl decking will resist termite because termites cannot attack or eat plastic. As a decking material, vinyl decking is stronger and more durable than wood decking. 

Aluminium Decking

This type of decking material is not common. Aluminium does not contain wood which is food for termites. This metal decking is strong and durable and will resist insect attack. 

How to Ensure that Termites Don’t Eat Your Decking

If you desire to install decking in your backyard, and you are worried about termite, then you should select your decking material carefully. We have considered wood decking, composite decking, plastic decking, and aluminium decking.  Wood decking is out of the option if you want a decking material that termite will not eat.

 Composite decking is one decking material that will resist termite. So, you can use composite decking, vinyl decking or aluminium decking. Of the three decking options presented, composite decking is still the best. This is because composite decking is not only resistant to termite; it has aesthetic value.

 When you install composite decking in your back garden, it will create a contemporary garden. Also, the surface pigment of composite decking will last longer than that of the other decking material.


Will termite eat my decking? Termite will eat your decking if you install a less durable material like wood decking. To ensure that termite does not eat your decking, you should install a durable and strong decking material like composite decking.

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