Wood, composite decking and vinyl are three decking options available to you if you want to build decking. Homeowners use one of the three decking materials to build decking in their home with different results and feedback. While wood decking owners recommend timber because of its traditional look, they still complain about maintenance.

Composite decking owners recommend it because it is beautiful and easy to maintain. PVC owners claim that it is similar to composite decking. If you are new and you want to purchase your decking yourself, you might be confused. Which is better between wood, vinyl and composite decking?

Wood Decking 

This is the classic decking material. Homeowners have longer used timber to build decking and their home before composite and PVC were invented. The material used to make timber decking is natural wood. The wood will be treated with chemicals under pressure to squeeze moisture from it. Chemical treating timber will also make it firm and last longer. 

One interesting thing about timber decking is that it is the cheapest option of the three deckings. This infers that if you are on a budget and want to build decking, timber will be the best option. But timber decking is not durable and long-lasting like wood plastic composite and PVC. Wooden decking is susceptible to rot, mould, warping, splintering, the UV rays of the sun, and insect damage. 

So, if you plan to install timber decking, you should consider all this. The poor resistance to weather elements exhibited by wood decking will make it swell when moisture touches its surface. Also, if timber decking is heated, it will expand and crack or splinter. The splintering of timber decking will lead to beaking of the boards. 

Termites are insects that attack wood. They will bore or eat into timber decking because natural lumber is food for them. Aside from termites, mould and mildew are other things that can affect timber decking. Mould will destroy the surface of your plastic wood decking. When this occurs, you will have to scrub the spot and even stain or paint the surface to make it clean. 

Although timber is cheap to buy, when you compute the cost of maintenance and the low lifespan, wood will not be the right deal. This is because wooden decking will eventually cost more than composite decking in the long run.

Composite Decking

As a result of the dissatisfaction homeowners have with timber decking, decking makers invented a new decking type. This new decking material is called wood plastic composite decking. Another name for wood plastic composite decking is composite decking. This decking material is regarded as a composite material. It is a mixture of two materials that have different properties.

 Composite materials are stronger and more durable than non-composite materials. Wood flour and PVC are the two materials used to make wood plastic decking. They are heated after being mixed with a bonding agent to form composite boards. As a decking material, composite boards are stronger than lumber. They are not susceptible to rot, swelling, splintering, breaking or warping like timber. 

Also, insects will not destroy composite. The surface or top of the composite is better designed to resist moisture absorption. If water or raindrops are on the top of your composite, it will not absorb moisture. This will, in turn, prevent swelling and rotting. It is true that composite cost more than timber; if you compute the amount, you will spend taking care of timber, you will realize that composite is a better option to lumber economically. 

Wood, Vinyl and Composite Decking

Although composite is not scratch proof, they are scratch-resistant because they will not scratch easily like timber. If you don’t drag objects on your composite, the surface will remain shining. Taking care of your composite is easy because you can do it with a cloth, a brush and soapy water.

PVC Decking

The third decking material we are comparing is PVC decking. This decking is different from plastic wood decking and wood because it is made of plastic. Like composite, plastic decking is easy to clean. But unlike composite, plastic decking is not a composite material. 

Pvc is less susceptible to scratch than composite but better than wood. It is durable and will resist rot, swelling, warping and breaking better than wood. When choosing the deck for your outdoor project, it is better to choose either PVC or composite as this will have value for your money.


The best way to know which is better between wood, vinyl, and composite decking is by comparing their attributes. Wood is the least of the three, while PVC and wood-plastic composite are better choices.

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